Sunday, March 27, 2005

Addie and Heidi got up around 7:00 am and found their Easter Booty in the living room. Here is a picture of the girls examining their stuff.
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Heidi is excited about her eggs! Posted by Hello

Around 830 am, after baths, before church... Posted by Hello

After baths, before church--Heidi and Addie snuggle their bunnies. Posted by Hello

After a cold, snowy week, Easter morning was sunny and warm, although the wind was harsh and a little chilly. Here are me and my girls in the wind after church--Happy Easter! Posted by Hello

It was terribly windy today, so we had our egg hunt in Gramma Melin's basement. Here's Addie with one of her finds. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Get out of the Boat

First of all, BEAR DOWN ARIZONA! Rich almost had to do CPR on me last night during the last 30 seconds or so--YIKES! But the cats pulled through and now they have to face the Fighting Illini on Saturday. I think we should all start our fasts early and pray for the Wildcats. Um, yeah, and then I was struck by lightning. But seriously, go cats.

Secondly, I have been waiting to post these notes until I could find the article referred to and link to it, but I can’t find it, so I am gonna post anyway.

At stake conference, Elder White came down from Canada to share some insights with us (and to release my Dad-in-law from the stake presidency—it’s nice to have him back!). He talked about how we shouldn’t be upset by our trials, as they are an essential part of the growth experience we are supposed to be having. The more we experience and survive, the more god-like we become. You already knew that, but he had some good quotes form a talk by SW Kimball in 1978 on tribulation (if you can find it, I’ll be your best friend). He also said that we should be undaunted by our trials or our weaknesses. You gotta have faith. He talked about how we tend to see things in the world as the world sees them and we need to remember what TRUTH is—Jacob’s definition: things as they REALLY ARE. Meaning, after this big show is over and we see things through God’s eyes we’ll understand the difference between the worldly vision and things as they really are.

Then the meat of the message—he talked about the bible story where Jesus appears to the disciples on the stormy Sea of Galilee and they get scared then realize it’s him. He calls for them to come to him, but the only one who tries is Peter. People tell that story and mock Peter for thinking he could walk on water like Jesus, but Elder White said we should be more like Peter—he was the only one with the faith to get out of the boat. When Christ called, he answered and stepped out of the boat with faith. And for a minute, His faith was strong enough to allow him to walk. But when he wavered, he sank and Jesus caught him. Of course you can guess how this applies to us. The Lord asks us to do things we don’t think we can do, but we need to have the faith to get out of the boat and know, if we somehow waver, He will always be there to rescue us and turn our weaknesses or fears into strengths if we remain willing.

Get out of the boat. That’s good stuff.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Where is Spring?

On Wednesday night, we had the much-anticipated “Amazing Race” for the combined Young Men/ Young Women Activity at church. We had carefully planned out 6 challenges for 6 teams, printed out clues and passports and Robyn even made a trophy. We forgot that March is usually the snowiest month of the year here in Montna.

True to history, there was a full-on blizzard and I had to adjust my challenge (I was supposed to meet the teams at the dock of the lagoon and have them row across, grab a flag, and row back to pick up their next clue). I thought the lagoon might be iced over by the time the race started, so I just had the kids run AROUND the lagoon and grab the flag. Meanwhile, Rich drove the girls over to my van to see how things were going (to see if I had the sense to stay in the van instead of standing on the dock freezing to death--I did). They hopped in the back of the van to keep me company and they watched Spring for Strawberry Shortcake on the van’s DVD player.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to watch this video every single day and have it memorized (Hi, MATT), I’ll tell you what happens. Strawberry Shortcake wants to go plant her berries, but spring is late! She looks at her calendar and it’s March 21st, but outside it’s still and slushy, snowy, muddy mess. So she and her friends go and visit Old Man Winter and turns out he’s waiting for Spring, too—and Spring is a little fairy who’s goofing around. They find her and tell her to get her butt in gear and make the winter go away. Spring finally learns why her job is important and Strawberry Shortcake and her posse get to plant their respective crops and life is good again.

As I sat in the front of the van, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if we could just go down to Arizona and capture Spring and bring her back with us? Because, yeah, I now it’s like this every winter, but MAN, I am so sick of winter EVERY MARCH! This year it’s especially bad because Easter is in March and it will be all muddy and sad. The only consoling thought for me is that, hey—it’s moisture and we need it—I will be glad to have soft wet soil to plant MY GRASS and FLOWERS—MY VERY OWN— in this year.

So there’s your answer, Matt, in a round-about way. According to S.S., Spring is a little fairy who is having a little too much fun down in the WARMER climates to come up here and save us from winter. Maybe you’ll feel better if Arizona wins tonight. We can hope (or be REALLY depressed…;))!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Heidi and Addie on the way to church on Sunday the 20th. They looked so cute, I had to take a picture. Today I had a moment with Heidi that just about melted my heart. I have been so busy, I haven't had much time to savor her sweetness, but today while I was doing work on the computer, she just sat under my desk rubbing my foot and babbling to herself. Her noises have taken on a talking sound with lots of different consonants and inflection, and they were punctuated with little squeals of contentment. There she was, sitting on the floor just touching my foot, having a ball. I just had to pick her up and we had a little "chat." She is such a little treasure, with a strong spirit and a twinkly little smile! It's hard to believe that she'll be a year old in 25 days! I love my Heidi
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Friday, March 18, 2005

Married with Children

I got to visit two good friends while I was in Utah, both of whom are creative geniuses and neither of whom has children. While we chatted, one was knitting (yes, knitting) a Joey Ramone doll while the other was shopping a garden catalog, mentally designing a fabulous flower garden. What was I doing? Trying to get Addie to use the potty and stay in the yard, And cleaning up Heidi's poop, which escaped on to my lap and eventually required a bath. Oh, my. For that afternoon, my life was all about poop.

Later I read a post about one said friend and her husband trimming and bringing home spring's first pussywillow branches. I felt a twinge of envy for such a peaceful moment with my husband. Even if we did find time to take a walk, we'd eventually be talking about our parenting and/or house building concerns. And if we found pussy willows, I would admire them and think, "I can't take them home--one more thing for Heidi to try to eat, one more thing to pack and move."

But I still love to read about her life. There is so much in it for me to aspire to. I suppose envy is not the right word--"aspire to" is better. Here is an email I sent to her:

It was so nice to visit the other day, even though it was a poopy day (so was yesterday--with a fever, too!). I can't wait to see how Joey Ramone turns out.

I think we can each envy each other for different things. I certainly don't regret having my girls, but I miss Rich so much in this mad, mad rush of child rearing and house building. I know everything has gone how it's supposed to, but I sometimes wish we'd had time together to create more traditions and have more romantic legends and symbols that keep the two of us bound even in the rush of things. We have been commited to our weekly date (and I am SO glad--the prophets are surely inspired, because those few hours a week really make such an enormous difference--without them, empty-nesters must sit back and find that there is just nothing left of their pre-kids relationship!) and I know it will get us through the next decade or so, but I so look forward to bike rides and walks and secret places again someday. That's actually one of the factors in my trying to be healthy--after all the child-bearing and raising, I want there to be something (energy, health, beauty) left for Rich and me to enjoy on our own!

Sometimes I reach across the king bed, two girls between us, and grab his hand and say, "I love you... I miss you..." SIGH. So enjoy your husband double when you think of us and our babies!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here is cute little Spencer on his first birthday, hanging out at Aunt Jill's house. What a cutie pie! Posted by Hello

Melanie and Addie were overcome with joy when they saw the beautiful scarves that Grandma Becky knitted for them! Grampa Jim and Becky came down from Pocatello on Friday to visit the Posties and they brought belated Christmas gifts for all the kids. Addie and Heidi also got really cool books--Addie's has a dryerase marker to trace letters and draw pictures in her book and Heidi got "Ten Little Ladybugs," which we ALL love to read. Thanks, Gram and Gramp Layton!! Posted by Hello

Spencer and Heidi had a little route of destruction all around Spencer's new house. Playing the pisano was one of their favorite stops. Posted by Hello

Heidi and Spencer from the front porch at the Posts' can see the pretty mountains in the reflection. Posted by Hello

Spencer and Heidi looking out the front window of the Posts' new house. Posted by Hello

Moving Day Mischief: Liam, Addie, and Melanie in their play box, which later became Liam's "Wocket Ship." Posted by Hello

Moving Day Mischief: Liam and Jake kept trying to escape and join the neighbor kids on their trampoline! Posted by Hello

Moving Day Mischief: Melanie, Liam, and Adeline sticking out of their play box. Posted by Hello

Moving Day mischief: Jake and Spencer explore Spencer's new digs. Posted by Hello

Melanie's Rocks. Posted by Hello

Ally's rock. Posted by Hello

Here's Heidi watching the Rock Race at Uncle Willy's house on Saturday (3/12). Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This is the front of my brother's house in Herriam, Utah. The kids are having a "Rock Race" to get ready for planting grass.
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Photo Log

I just tried to post 21 pictures, but only a few came through--I'm gonna go play around with my "Hello" and try to fix patient with me!

Liam and Spencer doing their thing. Posted by Hello

Heidi and Addie slept all the way from Ashton to Bozeman--about 2 hours--and they were so cheerful the last 45 minutes of the drive. Posted by Hello

We got home to Livingston about 4pm and we stopped at the office first to say hi to Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. The girls were so excited to see their daddy--they just about jumped out of their seats! Ahhh, home sweet home! Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Best Boy in the World

Last night at my brother's house in Herriman, I was laying on the queen mattress on the floor in niece Melanie's room trying to get my two darlings to sleep. Addie was playing with my wedding ring and she asked (as she always does when she notices my ring), "Hey, mom...who married you?"

"Daddy did!"

"In the temple?"


"And who married Daddy?"


"Oh, I want to get married in the temple and get my ring."

"Who are you gonna marry?"


"Nope, you have to marry a boy."

"Then I will marry daddy."

"Nope. I already married Daddy. You will have to find you own boy, a boy who is little right now and will grow up with you, who's your friend. When you grow up, you can marry him in the temple. Do you know a nice little boy?"

[She thought for a few seconds...] "Ummmm, no. Just Daddy. I'll have to marry Daddy. He's the best boy in the whole world."

Awww. Could that break your heart?

Addie is getting to be best pals with her cousins, especially Liam. And a few nights ago, we were singing the "Latter-Day Prophets" song to get to sleep, and we sang "David O. McKay was followed by Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball---wait! Mom! SPENCER! We said SPENCER! That's our baby boy name!" By "Our baby boy" she means my brother's baby boy, Spencer, who turned one last week. Funny girl.

We head home to Montana tomorrow, but not before tonight's big family dinner---Jill and Audrey's Lasagne Cook-off and Spencer's very belated birthday. My family rocks and I couldn't have better sibings and inlaws (or cousins, for that matter--Brenty Bobbins is here, too). It makes the first 20 years worth it!

We have had a blast but are very excited to see our daddy and start packing up our apartment for the move which will (I have faith!) come eventually! Richy-baby, here we come! Hope you got some sleep cuz the girls are back in town!

Photo travel log soon to follow.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Still Utarded

Last night on the NBC Nightly News, the teaser question said something like, "The Middle East Democracy Movement: How much credit can President Bush take? Some say the ground work was already laid and he's just lucky..." blah, blah, blah. Um, okay--I can answer that: The amount of credit Bush can take for democracy in the ME is equal to the blame he'd have to take if it didn't work. Take that, stupid network news.

Anyway--yeah, I am still in Utah. It's been fun getting Will and Audrey all settled and just puttin' around doing my thing. I could yammer on and on with a travel log (and I might later), but I just wanted to post some tidbits tonight.

1. Rich was here over the weekend and we went to Home Depot (because we don't know what else to do when we are together anymore). There we saw a very white woman with a bright red afro, except only the front was a 'fro--in the back there was a long silky ponytail curled into a long ringlet and tied with a big green satin bow. After we walked by her, Rich said, "Oh, Happy Birthday....that was poodle-rific!"

2. Addie said she likes Liam's mom (my sis-in-law Audrey) better than me because, "She's not scary."

3. When we were really tired the other night, Audrey said she didn't even have a coat for Melanie to wear to school. Michael said, "Well, it's a good thing it's almost dinner time" when he meant to say, "It's a good thing it's almost summertime." It was funny at midnight.

4. Tonight we looked at Brent's silly picture on his blog and laughed our bums off--when Addie saw it she giggled and said, "[sighing] Aw, that's my Brenty!"

He's everybody's Brenty, Addie. That's the beauty of Brent--and if Brent gets to live in Willy's basement, I am gonna be so jealous. Then the Postie kids can sing the "Charles In Charge" song all the time. Or, "It's a Jolly Holiday with Brenty, no wonder that it's Brenty that we love!" BRENTY BOBBINS! We adore you! It was so fun watching Arrested Development with you--it makes our family look normal!

And speaking of Posties, my brother Sam has left Clan Post. He is officially (once again) Samuel Christopher Layton. He changed his name back to our biological dad's name this month, and Gram says he even got a new Social Security Card. Cool.

More later...

Monday, March 07, 2005

My Destiny

Sunday night, watching old videos recently transfered to DVD at Willy's house, we notice footage of me washing dishes is Provo (circa 1991)--twice, two different houses. Later, different DVD, I am washing dishes in Tucson. Everybody notices and laughs, "There's Jamie, doing dishes again." I say, "Duh, why do you think I was born?" More laughs. Later, another video of Willy's hike in Sierra Vista, I note--"Well, at least I'm not doing dishes." Willy quips, "You probably are, you're just not being video taped." An uproar of laughter. We laugh because it's so sad and so true.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Little Bit More Crazy

If I was going crazy back home, I have officially arrived there. What's my definition? TEN KIDS UNDER 6 in about 1200 square feet of space. Um, yeah--not exactly a "Calgon" moment--EVER. Thankfully, I am actually "staying" at my sister's mother-in-law's spare basement apartment, which is dark and quiet at all times, but my girls hate it there. They scream and they cry for their dad. So we hang out here at COUSIN CENTRAL and endure the joyful ruckus.

Speaking of crying, Heidi goes into to total freak-out mode when she sees Aunt Amy! (not AMIE--Auntie Polka Dots; AMY, my sister) If Amy even walks through the room, Heidi goes bonkers. Funny, but also kinda sad.

I miss my husband sumthin fierce (especially when the girls cry for him at night) but I am excited to shop for house stuff here and hang with my sibs.

I don't have any fun travel tales to tell because we have mostly just been wrangling kids and continually doing laundry and dishes. Oh, but there is this tidbit: I left my debit card in Bozeman when we bought breakfast on Monday morning (and didn't notice until I had driven 200 miles to the south end of Island Park, Idaho), so I had my dad meet me in Pocatello to fill up my gas tank (thanks, dad!) and kept on truckin. I haven't had any money so I have really been homebound, which I am sure gives Rich some peace of mind. But it sucks for me cuz my bro had to spot me for stamps and sippy cups and I have to mooch food off my sister. That's what family's for I suppose, but I will be happy when the card arrives tomorrow.

Right this minute, my sister whose house this is, is at the store with my wisdom-toothless brother picking up his pain meds, my girls are wrestling in the Pack-n-Play here next to me, and My bro Will and his wife Audrey (who are STILL waiting to move into their new house) are wrangling the other kids and cleaning up their Mac-n-Cheez dinner. A snapshot of our glamorous Utah vacation.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Looky! I am in Utah! I ran away from home and I am staying in Sandy hanging out with my sister Jill and her family and my brother Will and his family (Will's family just moved here from Phoenix--their brand new house will be ready today in South Jordan! Will swore he'd never live in Utah, but HERE HE IS! It sucks you in--well, at least the good jobs do!) Never fear, I brought my girls with me and Rich is a bachelor in Livingston. Of course he is using this time to slave away on our house--I called to say good night last night at 11:30 and he still wasn't home. I found out he is working hard to finish plumbing before he has to return some borrowed tools on Wednesday. Awww--he's such a super hero.

I've gott a bail to take my little brother Michael to his pre-mission wisdom-tooth-extraction, exercise in torture (they just want to be sure you want to serve a mission THAT BAD). I will be back to share my Utah observations with you--stuff like O MY GOSH, Utah from I-15 looks like an industrial wasteland compared to my pristine and wild Montana. Spoiled I am.

Mo' 2 Come...

OH--PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKERS!!!! The Jakinator is ONE YEAR OLD today! All your cousins love and miss you, Jake. They are trashing the house in your honor--all 8 of them!


Dear Loved Ones ,                                                                                We've enjoyed a great first week o...