Friday, April 29, 2005

Thoughts for the Day

Leave it to Emerson to have said something I have been trying to find words for.

Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, yeah. Chew on that while I try to find time to write between painting the new house, babysitting, laundry, housework, Young Women, Ward Dinner preparations for tonight, Fast Sunday combined YW lesson, packing, and--oh, yeah, personal hygeine. Do I really have to get DRESSED today? Where will I pencil THAT in?

Lest I sound whiny, here is a quote I am painting on my laundry room wall this week (courtesy of Aunt Marti):

"May we never be discouraged in doing those daily tasks that God has ordained the common lot of man." --Joseph Fielding Smith

More soon...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday Dinner Outside

We had a cook out next to our apartment on Fleshman Creek with our neighbors, the Mhemberes from South Africa (via Massachusetts). That's Godfrey, Rosemary, Addie, Tanaka, Me, Heidi, and Tsitsi (laying on the blanket because she got cold). We had delicious food, but it was way too windy. PS: Here's how you say their name: "mem-BARE-ayz." It's not as hard as it looks.Posted by Hello

Heidi, Addie, Tanaka, & Tsitsi (under the blanket) at our Sunday night cook out. My girls love Tanaka and Tsitsi! Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Remember all that sunshiney fun we had last week? GONE. All week long (Monday thru Friday, anyway) we had slushy rain. Oh, well...the May Flowers come next, right? There's Addie on April 18th... Posted by Hello

The rain came down like snow, so it was really fun for the girls to watch from this, our living room window. Posted by Hello

Last Monday for family night, we got pizza. Addie always calls those box holder things "Barbie Tables," so she fed her Polly Pocket some pizza with it (that's the Polly Pocket that rides an ATV). Posted by Hello

This picture was actually taken APRIL 7th when we went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents. We celebrated Heidi's birthday since they were leaving in the morning. The restaurant people gave her ice cream, put this sombrero on her, sang a song in Spanish and took this polaroid. It cracks me up. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

Liana Melin with her BRAND NEW SISTER, Sariah Melin. Posted by Hello

Look! We have a new niece! Rich's brother Mark & his wife Elena welcomed their second baby girl on April 20th at 2:28pm, Jersey time. She was 9 pounds and 21 1/2 inches long--if any of you know teeny tiney Elena, you realize how amazing that is--with NO DRUGS!
 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Good Stuff

I was just thinking about some things I‘ve been enjoying lately and decided to share.

First is Booth’s hand cream, now available at Walmart (previously had to hunt it down at the health food store). If your skin is as horribly winter-ravaged and dry and cracked as mine, you will cry tears of joy when you put this stuff on your hands, elbows and feet. But here’s a tip—it absorbs better into damp skin, so I rinse, pat dry, and moisturize. Ahhhh! And it smells good— light honey almond scent.

Online, I googled Natalie Merchant just to see what she is up to (we were friends back in the 80’s, you know). I felt like a slacker fan when I read that she had a baby girl in 2003. How cool for her. On another note, her website is really beautiful and you should look at it.

Another site I was reading was kind of irreverent but really super funny. It’s making fun of baby names and I LOVE IT! After having my first baby in Utah, where baby naming is especially horrific, I had to laugh hard at this commentary.

Our bed. It’s a great bed. When I sleep elsewhere, I realize what a great bed we have. It’s a King Stearns & Foster double pillow top on a log frame made by my husband. I highly recommend the mattress. With 500TC all cotton sheets.

Dole Whole Fruit Bars. Delicious. Nutritious. A decent substitute for eegee's way up here in Montana, even when it's snowing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papa (& A Really Bad Attitude)

The whole pope thing has been very interesting. I realized while watching some of the ceremonies through the funeral and the conclave how much academia took from catholicism, and why Nibley called graduation robes, "robes of the false priesthood." Disclaimer: I don't claim to know much about Catholicism and the following remarks are just gut reactions and observations, not meant to offend ANYONE.

It is so weird to me how people commenting on Ratzinger's selection can simultaneously say they believe the cardinals are acting on God's will (when they elect a pope) and argue that Ratzinger isn't fit to be pope.

And why do people want to be part of a democratic church? Is there security in doctrine that changes according to popular opinion? If you want to be part of a democratic church, I don't think Catholicism is for you (nor Mormonism, of course). I was just listening to a very annoyed nun (Maureen Fiedler) who wanted a pope who would get with the program and allow women to be ordained and endorse birth control and married priests. Um, I think she's looking for a different religion.

It bothers me when people despise orthodoxy. I have a lot of respect for churches and institutions--and people, for that matter--who can hold on to their beliefs even when they go out of fashion with the general public. One of the most annoying things I heard along these lines was from Christianne Amanpour during the mourning of JPII. She talked about how the church needed to elect a pope who would make it "relevant" in the new millennium. She said this while overlooking a crowd of millions of people. Faithful people, who would beg to differ. How can you say something is irrelevant when it has been important enough for the media to cover for almost a month now, and when there are 1.1 billion Catholics in the world? Granted, not all of them agree with the pope, and even fewer heed is counsel, but to imply that the church is irrelevant because the doctrines don't fit our modern mores is so silly. And arrogant.

And speaking of arrogance, did anyone see Oprah today? Holy self-congratulations, Batman! And I almost hurled when they had the special segment celebrating the woman who got the courage to leave her husband by reading O Magazine. "Yay, us! We're breaking up families everywhere! You go, girl! Way to be self-centered!" Granted, they didn't mention if he had been abusive--if he was, then okay. But if he was cramping her style or crushing her dreams or what ever--PUH-LEEZ, ladies. The next segment was about a stay-at-home mom who felt like an unfulfilled loser at home doing her thankless mommy job, so she found the courage to start a home business and make something of herself so she wouldn't just be another SAHM with nothing to contribute to society (I mean, besides healthy, happy, upstanding, responsible citizens of planet earth--cuz that doesn't really count). Maybe I am just irritable today, but man, that show made me SICK!

Leave some coments with your thoughts--I am taking my cranky self to bed!

Sunday, April 17, 2005


On Monday, we had one of our first SPRING DAYS, so the girls and I celebrated by taking along walk, feeding the ducks, and playing at the park. This was Heidi's first time really playing at the park--at first she wasn't sure she liked the swing, but soon she started to love it and was giggling with delight along with Addie. Posted by Hello

Addie & Heidi swinging (with GLEE)... Posted by Hello

Addie on the slide at Sacajawea Park. Posted by Hello

On Monday night, Progressive Insurance took us all out to a nice dinner--here are Addie and Heidi, ready to go. Posted by Hello

On Tuesday, Addie and Heidi had a picnic outside our building with Daddy--it was such a beautiful spring day! Posted by Hello

Heidi's First Birthday

I have been reflecting on this past year a lot this week as Heidi turns one. I realized I was “on hiatus” when she was born, so in honor of her, I will post what I wrote in her baby journal from my hospital bed while I was in labor.


April 15, 2004 11:00am

So here we are! It’s Thursday, April 15th and I am sitting in a bed at Livingston Memorial Hospital getting ready for a dose of penicillin and then a little “help” to start my labor with you. I visited the doctor yesterday and found that I was 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced, so they thought it might be a good idea to get this party started in a controlled environment so you don’t accidentally catch my group B strep. I was all for it! No more aches, heartburn, or hourly potty trips! I hope and pray all goes well.

We woke up at 6:45am today. It’s clear and 55 degrees. We gave Addie a bath and got dressed. We took Ad to Gram and Gramp's at 7:30am and I got a blessing from Papa and Daddy. Addie is staying at Grandma’s with Gram and Aunt Angie. Daddy and I got a sausage McMuffin and I at 2 plums and checked in to the hospital at about 8:15am. Nurse Ruth got me set up in a room and robe. Daddy took some video. Ruth put in an IV for antibiotics and I almost passed out (why do needles freak me out so much?!). But I am fine and just waiting to get the drugs through my system to you then start LABOR…that should be this afternoon with Dr. Burwell.

In the mean time, I am chewing soft hospital ice, writing, watching cable news, etc. Dad went back to work for a while, but he’ll be back soon. We are so excited to meet you, yet still a little in shock that today is the day (you were due on April 25th or 28th, depending on who you ask). Adeline is so excited to be a big sister—she keeps talking about, “doctor gets baby sister out of mommy’s tummy and I will hold’em and rock’em!” You will be loved to death! So do you part—don’t forget to tuck and roll around that pelvic corner, and be sure to breathe and cry mightily so we know you’re really here! I can’t wait to meet you, baby!

IN THE NEWS: Today Kim Jong Il turns 62 and Roy Clark from Hee-Haw turns 71. Also, Osama bin Laden released a tape offering to halt terrorist actions against European nations if they turn on the US, leave the coalition, and pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Most coutries have already said NO WAY: WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS—good for them—but I think Spain will cave.

April 16, 2005 3:20am

Dear Baby Heidi,

You made it safely in to the world at 9:41pm on 4/15. For the record, you were born during the finale of “The Apprentice” TV show, right when they announced BILL as the winner. Of course I was breathing and pushing and thrashing, so that’s about all I know about that! You are a beautiful girl, joyfully welcomed by daddy and me [and Dr. Burwell, 2 nurses, and an EMT student observing], and later at 10:30pm by Grandma, Grandpa, and Addie. We all love you so much and feel blessed to have you, lovely and healthy, in our family! You are nursing right now—so sweet and tiny—so I have to go snuggle you!

Love, Mom


Heidi has been such a cool addition to our family. One of my greatest daily joys has been watching the sister relationship develop between Addie and Heidi. I love my sisters so much—I am so glad Addie and Heidi will always have each other and I pray they will be best friends (at least someday). It has been a great learning experience for me as I get to know Heidi and her temperament and adjust my teaching and discipline accordingly. Her personality seems to have two extremes—she can be sweeter and snugglier than Addie was, but she is also much louder and furious when things don’t go her way. Sometimes I think her hair should have stayed red (we call her Captain Furious)! I still can’t get over the feeling of her hands on my face, her nuzzling my neck and murmuring, “Ma-ma, Ma-ma.” Somehow that erases all the sleepless nights and crying jags and the cleaning of various bodily fluids—and it makes me try to keep living up to the privilege of being her (and Addie’s) mother. Here's to a wonderful second year, Heidi Lynn!

The Very Moment...there's Heidi, about 5 seconds after she was born (I was super hot, hence the cold cloth on my head--I forgot all about it for a while). Also, a glimpse of what the doctor said was "the longest umbilical cord" she had ever seen.  Posted by Hello

Tiny Pretty Princess, 1 day old. Posted by Hello

A year ago today--Me rocking Heidi on her first day home. Posted by Hello

Mom & Heidi: Happy First Birthday, Dolly! Posted by Hello

Heidi's First Birthday Party

Before a dinner of deli sandwiches and salads, Heidi's party guests get down-n-dirty in Grandma's sandbox. That's George and Kelli Tyner, Cousin Danny, Addie, and Gracie Tyner. Posted by Hello

Check out the Balloon Bouquet cake Grandma made for Heidi (sideways--oops) was delicious! Posted by Hello

Heidi was a little scared of her candle, so I helped her blow it out, and made a wish for another happy year with her! Posted by Hello

Three Melins girls, all celebrating Miss Heidi (who's there in the middle, delicately picking coconut from her own special cake made by Grandma Melin). Posted by Hello

OH MY! It took Heidi a while to realize she could really dig in to her cake, but soon she stopped being dainty and started CHOWING! Posted by Hello

Heidi's party was a "Book Party," meaning she got lots of books as gifts (not toys :)). All the kids had fun reading the books...maybe we will open a library in the new house! Posted by Hello

There's Heidi opening her card from Great Grandma & Grandpa Elrey...thanks, guys!! Posted by Hello

On Saturday evening, after working hard on the house, Rich came home and suggested we take a picnic to the ranch. So we packed up the party leftovers and went to enjoy the end of a beautiful day! Here's Rich with his little ladies. Posted by Hello


Dear Loved Ones ,                                                                                We've enjoyed a great first week o...