Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midsummer Night

My darling hubs went to college at BYUH in Laie, Hawaii on Oahu's north shore. He had a great time not just in school or at the beach, but working as a photographer at the Polynesian Cultural Center and working on the yearbook, too. His best college friends are from the yearbook staff, so you can imagine our excitement when his friend and former editor, Amber Bodily Greenwood and her family came to visit us from Northern California this weekend. Amber is becoming a Foot Zonology Master at the Zonology Institute in Paradise Valley, just a stone's throw from the ranch. So we had them stay with us the night before her latest training session began. We had SUCH a good time with them! After a delicious dinner of camping leftovers, we played out back with some sparklers.
Lighting sparklers at the grill.

Little Calvin with a sparkler



Later that night, all the kids slept downstiars and gave our guests the upstairs (which, considering the heat, wasn't a sacrifice--sorry it was so hot, Greenwoods!). Here are Niles and Addie.

We put Niles in his crib and the girls ended up snuggling--cute sisters!

Rich & Amber relivin' the glory days over some yearbooks they made.

Ah, memories!

We had a great time with JT, Amber, Calvin, and Forrest & we hope to get together again soon--NOT in another 10 years! ;)

This morning after we cleaned the kitchen together, I let the kids make something out of Addie's new "Kids in the Kitchen" healthy cookbook.

I wish I had made a video because they were pretending to be on a cooking show. Addie was a startlingly good narrator, and Hedi and James kept throwing in funny details like, "After the commercial break, we'll be back to show you how to do the chocolate!" (Heidi) or "For the recipe go to kids in the kitchen dot com!" (James). It was adorable.

Ta-Daaah! Honeybees!

They're no-bake peanut butter and chocolate treats made with peanutbutter, honey, dry milk, wheat germ, chocolate (or carob), and little almond-slice wings. So fun. Now we're off to the pool on this amazingly beautiful 77-degree day. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

UPDATE: Well, crap. (literally?) The pool is closed due to a "biohazard," so we are back home doing yard work in our swimsuits. If you're in a surfing mood, may I direct your attention to some new-ish links? Over there on the right I'd like you to meet Elly, my neighbor who is a designer/seamstress/knitter/ mama/ and generally lovely person. She is part of Lincoln School Artists, Livingston's latest art collective. And if you're looking for a chuckle, Passive-Agressive Notes should make you laugh (or, if you're in my family, kick yourself for not starting an anonymous blog of family correspondence YEARS ago...;))

Monday, July 18, 2011

Camping and Stuff

Heidi is still all over Niles. I have to watch her pretty close, but she loves to take him in her room and read him stories and snuggle him. The other day She took these pictures of him on her bed.sweet little baby!
chillin' on Heidi's bed

James took these pictures of his room (he actually took about 20, but these are the only ones where you can see something).



On Thursday night we went up to Pine Creek and had a family campout before the Ward Campout on Friday. Here's James enjoying a cream soda at the campfire.

Niles enjoying some milk

Heidi in the sunset

her shirt says, "cute as a cupcake"--I say she's way cuter.


Daddy getting us all set up & fed with brats and veggies

Me & Niles snuggling by the fire


The next morning (Friday) Michaela Claar joined us for a yummy griddle breakfast adn a noon hike to Pine Creek Falls. The missionaries came, too.

Here we are at the top of the hike, relaxing next tot he waterfall.

Addie, Elder Haymore, Michaela, Elder Moya, Heidi, James, and Me feeding Niles


Elder Moya & Heidi

A random doll near the bridge over the falls.

Addie showing off her horsefly bite.

I took this picture from across the creek--Rich & the kids crossed the bridge adn went exploring while I fed and changed the baby.

(Heidi is sharing trail mix)

I took this pic of the creek while holding Niles and resting on a rock. this was our view.

Rich & Niles by the falls

Here we are heading back down the trail--Heidi holding on to Niles as usual. Addie, Michaela and the missionaries were just ahead of us.

Me & my boy on the trail

Family Hike!

Later, Rich took Niles and I walked with Heidi. She wanted to sing songs to make the walk go faster, so we sang all her favorite Primary songs, starting with "Pioneer Children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked..."

The end of the trail...tired baby!

We didn't take any more pictures after that, darn it. But we had a wonderful time Friday night and Saturday morning with our ward family. Brother McCann served delicious pulled pork and ribs that had been smoked all day, and Brother Jones brought tons of Wilcoxson's ice cream for dessert. We played games & chatted around the fire and had a great time. We got home at noon on Saturday, just in time to get ready for a nice quiet Sunday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun with the Kids

First of all, here are some other rooms of the ranch house we haven't posted yet... Dining Room

The deck with a view!
On Friday, we had a summer fun day. We went to the Museum of the Rockies and then went swimming.
We saw the frogs again...this one looked like a gummy frog, but it's a...

Chinese Gliding Frog!

Addie, Heidi, & James with a frog skeleton

We watched an educational film about frogs deformed by pollution

bring on the movie! We also saw a planetarium show right after this so we can do some good star gazing on our camping trip next weekend.

Then we played in the Yellowstone Discovery Room... here's Addie with an eagle

The kids going on a Yellowstone adventure...

Addie sees you!


On Saturday Niles had his first swim.

Sadly, the water was colder than usual, so it wasn't so fun for him. This is about as happy as he ever got, poor baby!

Here are all the kids swimming with Daddy--a fun weekend!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Independence Day 2011

First thing in the morning, the Melin gang met at Pine Creek Trailhead for a hike up to the waterfall. It was already pretty warm at 10am, so we were glad to make it up to the nice cool falls! Niles with Grandma
Liana, TJay, and James on the trail

Kelli & Lexi

Matthew & Jess

Richard & Me at the falls

James, Richard, Summer, and Me on the bridge at the falls

Summer & Addie taking a break at the falls

James & Jared taking a break at the falls

The Girls- Summer, Addie, Me, & Heidi at the falls

Me & Rich

Our Family plus Summer minus Niles

Addie & Summer cooling off by the creek

on the way back down the trail we spotted this snake

Jared & James on the trail

Back at the trailhead having a picnic

James, Jared, Liana, Addie, and TJay eating lunch

Yellowstone tour bus downtown at the depot

Addie posing with the bus

After hiking, we all took naps, then went out to the pavilion at the ranch again for BBQ and games...

...and family pictures!


Back L-R: Angie, Hannah, Mike, Me, Niles, Richard, Dad & Mom, Mark, Elena, Samantha, Jess, Lexi, Kelli, & TJay

Front L-R: Danny, Rosalie, Heidi, James, Addie, Sariah, Liana, Jared, Summer, & Matthew

Grandparents & Grandchildren

Melins- Mike, Rich, Jess, Mom/Rosalie, Dad/Tom, Mark, and Angie

Last but never least, here's a big grin from Lexi!


The Melin evening ended with a s'mores , then we lined up on the new deck of the ranch house and watched a fireworks show put on by Uncle Mark (and Uncle Mike played fireman with the hose). SO FUN!

Each night of the Roundup Fireworks, we went to the Claars' house from 10pm-11pm to watch the fireworks (they live just blocks from the fairgrounds) and hang out with our ward friends. It was super fun and we want to tell Aunt Jenn thanks for the s'mores and glo-stix and the FUN--we love you guys!


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