Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Virginia City & The End of Father's Day

We took a tour of Virginia City (and old mining town a little southwest of us) on Saturday.

The tour was on this 1941 fire engine--there were only 3 of them ever made and they make a cute tour bus.

Niles kept standing on the bench and hugging James' head...he really adores his big brother, it's kind of surprising how much he just worships and copies James.

Rich took a panoramic picture from Boot Hill.

Niles checking out the graves on Boot Hill.

Heidi looking down the gulch to the gold mine.

Me & Niles

James, the Old Miner, Addie, and Heidi in a VAC shop.

Many old stores have been left "as-is" and serve as museums now. Here is the little grocery store. I thought my mom would love all the amazing tins. I loved the wall of spices and teas and coffee in these black bins.

the grocery store register

Here we are all ready for breakfast on Father's Day (Sunday morning).

When we got home from camping late Sunday afternoon, Rich & James finished off the day right...

...playing legos!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Camping in Ennis

Upon arrival at our campsite, Niles was fast asleep. This made setting up a little easier.

Niles really liked hanging out in the "potty area" of the tent trailer. Luckily we weren't using it because the campground had nice restrooms.

James & Heidi watching Megamind before breakfast...Saturday morning cartoons.

Getting ready for Saturday morning breakfast

More Niles, "helping."

I will have to get teh Virginia City photos off Rich's phone...meanwhile, here's James in my rear view mirror on the way back to Ennis from VA City.

Main Street in Ennis...that store called Benjie's reminded the kids of their poor cousin Ben who had a bike wreck last week. Hope our Benjie is feeling better!

We went to the Father's Day fishing derby in Ennis...Niles watched.

Our beautiful Heidi waiting for a bite.

James & Daddy fishing

Heidi & Addie at the picnic after the derby.
The winning fish was caught by a little tiny girl...it was 25" long!

The photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful sunset we watched on Ennis Lake. It was so fun to discover a new beautiful spot only an hour from home. I think my Dad Layton and his boat would LOVE it.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads in our life, especially the Father of our family...
Rich, you're THE BEST!

Friday, June 15, 2012

First Week of Summer Break

Saturday (6/9) was just plain crazy--it was freezing cold (40-55 degrees) and Richard was super sick with a tummy bug. I picked up and processed our Bountiful Basket as well as a huge load of groceries from a trip I took to Bozeman with the kids. I brought home some Samurai Sam's Yakisoba bowls for dinner and Daddy was able to eat a little of that and he was better by Sunday. At church I did Sharing Time then came home to serve a birthday dinner for my MIL, Grandma Melin who celebrated her 65th birthday on Sunday.
Grandma getting a birthday hug from James after dinner and before cake--Grandma's request was Strawberry Shortcake, so we had that with Angel Food cake, and then a coconut pound cake with pineapple and banana topping, all with freshly-whipped cream, of course.

Heidi, James, Grandma Rosalie, Addie, and Grandpa Tom.
We're so glad Grandma was born!

Earlier in the week, Addie brought me these flowers from her bike ride. They look so pretty in my kitchen window, I had to take a picture. They've been cheering me up all week long!

In addition to my cute bouquet from Addie and my ever-present kitchen goddess, the herbs we planted on April 21st are full-grown and delicious...it's so fun to toss fresh herbs into our food, right off the window sill (there is oregano, sweet basil, and cilantro inside; outside we have rosemary, sage, German thyme and lemon basil, and baby spinach & buttercrisp lettuce...radishes are coming soon!)

Today we are preparing for Daddy's requested Father's Day/Birthday Campout in Ennis, MT, and we are babysitting cousins Hannah and Rosalie while Aunt Angie and Cousin Danny are cub scouts' day camp. After some Disney Junior and some iPad games, the kids painted some beautiful watercolors. Now they are terrorizing each other in the sprinklers outside, even though it's like 62 degrees out there....sillies.

Hannah and James are pals!
So next post will be all about camping and Daddy's two special days...Happy Summer!

Three Things

First: For Cuteness' Sake

Second: Here is something delicious I threw together last Monday that rivals Cafe Rio in deliciousness. It's a yummy salad made with leftover beef chuck roast from Sunday Dinner. Here's how I made it:
-Monday morning, put the leftover roast in a small crock pot with a few TBs of water & a half cup of Kirkland Organic Salsa (and if you like it, a cube of Knorr cilantro flavoring) and heat it on low all day.
-Chop some fresh greens, green onions, cilantro, & tomatoes; shred carrots and cucumbers and toss them together with a squueze of lime juice.
-Assemble the salsa by putting a layer of On The Border brand Cantina Thins tortilla chips on your plate and smashing them into small pieces; add salad, top with shredded beef from crock pot, 1/4 cup of Costco Mango-Peach Salsa, and a few more tortilla chip crumbs.
The photo was blurry, but it was delicious. I do this with pork roasts, too, and it makes great salad, tacos, burritos or even taquitos (if you wanna live dangerously and deep fry them ;)).

This is a teacher gift I made for James' awesome Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mogen. The tag says "Enoy the Sun!" and "Sunny Summer" with a note from James on the back. I'm kind of into practical, non-edible gifties these days (I hope the recipients are, too).

Back In May

Little Birthday Boy at his fiesta on his first birthday.

While I was in Utah with Niles Rich took the big kids to play at the park one night.

Also while I was in Utah, the Oscar Meyer Weiner came to Livingston!

I got home from Utah on May 25th, a rainy Friday night, so we stayed in and had pizza and played games with thei Family Fin Family Night kit. the kids loved it and I was so glad to be home!

Addie had a recorder concert and a special duet playing Ode to Joy.

Addie playing recorder
On May 30th, Heidi's second grade class took a field trip to Mammoth in Yellowstone. Rich took the day off to go with her.

Heidi on the bus.

Heidi & Daddy on the bus to Mammoth.

Heidi's fielt trip group at the museum in Mammoth.

Heidi & a friend

Burned trees on the terraces at Mammoth

The surface of the terraces

Heidi sitting down to do a charcoal drawing of the terraces.

Artist at work

All the kids sketching

Rich has black adn white mode on his new phone camera

Panoramic of Mammoth

Our cute little artist

Heidi at Mammoth after a fun day with Dad & her class...only 6-1/2 days of second grade after this!


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