Thursday, June 19, 2014

The End of School and Beginning of Summer

There were many activities the last week of school...

James had his second grade track meet on May 28th.
 Here he is doing the long jump.

James' friend, Kinnick, doing his long jump.

James and his classmate at the track meet.

Sweet little Ammon was almost 3 weeks old

Crazy Niles...

Bring on the swimming!

Addie's final choir concert on June 2nd--it was GREAT!

Zoomed in

Heidi had her fourth grade track meet on June 2nd.
Here she is doing the ball throw.

Taking a second shot.

I love how Ammon is watching Niles play pbskids
on the iPad in this picture!

Ammon snuggling with Niles

Daddy and Ammon on Sunday, June 8th

All my handsome, freshly-shorn boys!

Ammon and Niles

James, Ammon and Niles
 (it looks like we live on our master bed...we do have a whole house,
 we just never take pictures out there I guess)

The moonrise on June 15th

See how the mountains are cloud-capped? Beautiful!

Happy 43rd Birthday to Rich on June 18th!

Niles helping Daddy make a wish.
Aunt Marti arrived at midnight June 16th and took our sweet Grandma Lyn home on the 18th. I am sad that I have hardly any photos of her visit, I just had my hands so full with the new baby. We are so grateful she could be with us for a month. Ammon and Niles especially loved the extra attention, and I just loved having my pal around! Thanks Marti and Ralph for making that sweet visit possible!


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