Thursday, June 10, 2010

Redecorating: A stupor of thought

Saturday I was so in love with my Valspar Icy Blue kitchen. It was such a clean, fresh change from the Bonjour Beige. But once we finished the whole 13X40' space, I started feeling a little overwhelmed. Like, I was saying, "Attention Kmart shoppers" in my head cuz the icy blue with the cherry red was reminding me of classic Kmart colors. I started questioning my choices like I always do (I have and will always do better with making-do than choosing on my own, which is why I should never ever build a house again). I wanted retro funky fresh and I got it. Have a gander at the progress SO FAR...Kitchen...

a close-up of the valance I made today...

I kind of love that vintage fabric.

my kitchen godess certainly looks more at home
with some more vintage accents, no?
My MIL brought me these lilacs when we
hosted FHE Monday cuz she rocks like that.
So here is the living room with the new paint...the furnishings and curatins clearly must go. They will be replaced with a quick and painless (I hope) trip to IKEA while I am in Utah next week.
I will for-sure be bringing home new "natural" colored canvas covers for the couches because they are unbelievably cheap right now, as is the rug I think I want. Curtains are still up in the air, but new cushion covers are on the sewing machine as we speak! The Swedish red covers are being recycled into cushions for the adirondack porch chairs, which we will use if it ever stops raining!


Here are some of my inspiration rooms. I hesitate to share them because I will not come close to replicating them, but they do make me feel better about my color.

{oh, I would love this, but wouldn't dare with three kids! the color scheme is exactly where I am heading, though}
{walls, floors, trim, and windows much like mine}
{definitely funkier than what I could go for, but I looove the color combo--red/orange accents!}
{a little more formal than anything I will do, but another lovely pairing of pale blues and reds}

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

sniffing paint fumes

I've had kind of a broken-heart day...prolly just hormones, but I am better now.

But all day I knew there was something special about today. THIS is it.

I feel so grateful.

(and the painting is done. I now reside in 13x 40 feet of robins egg blue. so CHEER UP, dammit!)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Checkin' In

Wow, it has been a really busy week, but in a very good way. I have mixed feelings about school being out, but mostly I am excited for my kids and for all the fun that comes with summer in Montana (cousin fun! river floats! camping! bonfires! treehouse picnics! fishing!). Nerdy me, I like the structure of the school year, but look forward to more time with the girls.

Today is the last day of school, so as of noon I will have a going-into-third grader and and going-into-first-grader on my hands. This kind of freaks me out because I can remember these times in my life so doesn't seem that long ago! We are celebrating by driving (in the rain--yes, it's raining AGAIN) to Helena to hang out with our cousins and have a pizza party tonight Daddy has to stay and work at the ranch, but I guess that's a good thing because they are pouring the gazebo concrete this weekend and Rich is building the log frame for it. It's going to be really beautiful overlooking the Yellowstone river.

My mama is feeling SOOOOO much better! She has sounded so good on the phone this week and has been up and out of bed--hooray! Grandpa is hanging in there, too. He's getting to be a chemo pro and had his thrid treatment last week. Three down, two to go! He doing so great, we (meaning mostly SIL Kristen) decided to start planning a 60th anniversary celebration for him and Grandma in August. Their anniversary is August 22, 1950--can you believe it? That is a milestone few people reach and it will be such a blessing for them to celebrate it together. Otherwise, we're all well and happy here. I have some pictures to post as well as some thoughts on the books I have read so far this year, so when I get a minute, I'll be back. For now, it's time to party with the kids cuz (sing along), "Schooool's out for summer! Schooooool's out for EVAH!"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend Campout

Rich treated us to a weekend camping in West Yellowstone in the pop top.

We love s'mores--even in the freezing rain!

We just move the party inside!

Saturday morning it was still cold and rainy as we headed out to drive thru Yellowstone and Gran Teton to Jackson Hole for the day.

Cheerful little travellers!

We crossed the divide six times on Saturday! This is about 11am in Yellowstone.

The road at the top

Jackson Lake--we stopped here cuz Heidi was havign a meltdown


Couldn't quite see th top of the Tetons

James on a statue in Jackson Town Square

Addie eating lunch at Back Country Provisions

James at lunch

After lunch, we went to see Shrek 3 in D at the theatre in Jackson

Glasses on, ready for 3D!

Mommy loves retro cowgirls!

Me and the kids outside the theatre

Elk Horn arches in Jackson Town Square

Daddy and the kids pretending to be Elk

My cousin Dasha is working in Jackson over the summer--it's a big change from Thatcher, AZ! It was so great to see her!

Wild kids with wildlife

We parked by this sign and I thot it waas funny (4U, Gram!)

We went home the west way, through Idaho's Teton Valley, and you know what they are famous for...

We cannot recommend this place highly enough--it was FANTASTIC! If you find yourself driving thru the valley and you're hungry for some tasty, authentic (served by another family from Jalisco), totally inexpensive Mexican food, stop at this place in Driggs!
THANK YOU for the wonderful meal, Guadalajara!

A Sunday Walk

After church, lunch, and a nap during a hail storm, we decided to take a family walk around West Yellowstone.Heidi, James, Addie and Rich with a Grizzly...
Same gang and me.
[there are several pix that belong here, but our sucky campground internet is not uploading them, so I'll post them later]

Addie, James, and Heidi with a big trout in West Yellowstone
A cool train at Bullwinkle's in West Yellowstone
Train Fans!

Fun Sign in W.Y.
Rich & James at our campsite Sunday evening

First camping trip with the cruiser
Our campsite is right by the playground
(I think thes kind of tire swings are the coolest thing ever--
I totally want one at the ranch!)
Cutie Heidi is lovin' the playground- she's a new-friend magnet!
Addie is a swingin' fool!
Just now--after roasting brats for dinner--Rich rented a DVD from the corner market and made the kids some jiffy pop on the campstove. I think I might like camping in the rain better than regular camping. Movies, books, board games--camping for nerds! I could like this.


Dear Loved Ones,                                                                                                                         1...