Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Prove Me Now Herewith

As the ward historian, I have challenged my ward to write 100 records of God's Hand in their lives by New Year's Eve. This is the first of three experiences I plan to record. I also plan to interview and record my children's experiences. If you're in the Livingston Ward, write stuff down and email it to me! It will be a great exercise, I promise!
It was late on cold night in early December 2012 and Richard and I drifted off to sleep after a couple of hours snuggling in bed, looking at the iPad. We had been looking at Real Estate and house plans, trying to figure out what we were going to do next, since our house had sold the week before.  I didn’t want to have to build a house, but I had gotten a little excited when I saw what we could get in our budget if we built it ourselves. We’d gotten a little carried away looking at all kinds of crazy plans over the internet and stealing design ideas from houzz dot com.

When I finally fell asleep, I dreamed we built one of the big houses in the plans. In my dream, it was summer and we had friends and family over for a party-- we were so relieved to be done with the project. During the party I went to the restroom and I was feeling so exhausted.  I saw an old pregnancy test under the sink and thought, maybe I should take that. So I did, and it was glaringly positive. I was completely shocked. I started to cry and prayed aloud, “Heavenly Father, are you KIDDING me? I can’t do this! I am going to DIE! I am so old! I’m a sucky mom!  I’m so tired! I can’t do it!”  I sat on my shiny new potty, sobbing and angry.

[Aside:  I know it seems super weird that this all took place in the bathroom; it seemed so to me, too. But when I thought about it later, truth be told, the bathroom is a bit of a sanctuary for me since I became a mom. Granted, I still rarely get to be alone in there, but if I ever am alone, it’s in the bathroom. I also regularly receive inspiration while reading in the tub. It’s my Holy Place these days, I guess]

Suddenly I was conversing with Heavenly Father, sitting there on my throne holding the stick in my hand. He answered me by saying, “Excuse me? This is a blessing…and I don’t give people big houses for no reason.”

“Hmmm. Good point,” I conceded. “But I’m old and sick. This will kill me. Then who will raise these kids?”

“Did I not make you better last time?” Heavenly Father countered.  “I can make you even better this time.  Don’t you trust me?”

“I do. I say I do. I don’t want to. I’m too tired…” My argument was running out of steam. I realized He was right, and that if we did build a big new house, the Lord might expect us to fill it with another child.

When I woke up, I figured I would solve the problem by choosing a medium sized house that fit six people nicely. Then I wouldn’t even have to face the question. And I told Rich that once we did move into the new house, he wasn’t coming anywhere near me.

So we sold the old house and lived in a tiny rental for 8 months while we built a comfortable (but not BIG) new house.  I continued to dream that we had a fifth child occasionally. Sometimes it was a Chinese baby, sometimes it was a girl named Josie, but I kept all of this to myself.

Then one night in July 2013 we were on a “date” to dinner and Home Depot to get finish supplies for our house.  I’d dreamt of the baby again, so I timidly brought it up to Rich. “Honey, I keep dreaming about another baby, “ I said, flinching.

“Me, too!” He said with a chuckle.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked.

“No, I’m serious.” He said. We rode down the highway in stunned silence. “I guess that’s a message, huh? I’m in if you’re in.”

“I guess I’m in,” I replied. “I’ll probably die, but I’m in.”

So we got to Bozeman and stopped at Costco before dinner. As we walked in, our favorite Labor and Delivery nurse was walking out. She hugged us and said she missed us. We said we missed her, too. She said, “I guess you just need to have another baby so we can get together,” and we all laughed, but Rich and I glanced at each other wide-eyed. I thought to myself, Hmmm, We were just talking about that…

We had a nice little visit and said goodbye to her, then we just cracked up. It was hilarious! Like a little inside joke nudge from Heavenly Father to tell us we were on the right track.

I still felt reluctant, but I told Rich I was willing to give God ONE CHANCE. We decided that we’d “Try” as soon as we settled in the house.

So we did. Like, the weekend we moved in. I knew I was pregnant about 10 days later because I was too tired to unpack and ravenously hungry. But at the same time I knew it was a ridiculous miracle to expect that a dream plus willingness could make a chronically ill, 42-year-old woman with no thyroid and a post-vasectomy man conceive a child. So I waited two more weeks. It was my 42nd birthday and my mother, aunt, grandmother, and sister were all in town. I took 4 tests over 2 days because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I announced my pregnancy and due date at the birthday party and made my mom cry.

Heavenly Father has kept his promise to me. I was still sick during the pregnancy, but not to the point of exhaustion or dehydration. I was hospitalized the last week of my pregnancy because my blood pressure spiked, but in retrospect I could see the blessing of forced bed rest. Try as I might at home, I just couldn’t rest up for delivery. I wanted to be strong and well-rested so I could labor and deliver without medication. So God provided a way for me to be ready to make my birth plan come true—four days in the hospital with doses of Benadryl to help me sleep. Healthy meals delivered to my bed. Blood sugars and blood pressures that came into the normal range as I rested. All of these things made it possible for me to be fully conscious and in control of my delivery on May 10, 2014,  and it was awesome. Ammon truly is a dream baby in every sense of the word. When I stop to think about the Wonder of Him, I want to burst with hallelujahs.

I think back to three specific scriptures when I ponder this miracle in my life and the testimony it has left me with. First is Malachi 3:10, where God is challenging Israel to recommit to their covenants. “Prove me now herewith saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” If we can’t obey out of humility and love, we can obey out of a desire to test God and know if He is real and if His promises are sure (spoiler alert: He ALWAYS passes the test). This principle is also expounded upon in my second scripture, Doctrine and Covenants 82:10, when God says, “I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.” He is literally bound to bless us when we obey. Every action comes with a consequence. Hopefully the consequence is a blessing!

 After we experience this pattern of obedience and blessings long enough, our hope and belief become faith. We recognize the pattern and understand that our faith and obedience have the power to create consequences, and those consequences add up to a life, an environment—of our own creation.  In the Book of Mormon Jacob 4:6 (third) we find it explained like this: “Wherefore we search the prophets, and have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea.”

 WE TRULY CAN. That is the lesson of these miracles to me, and I bear witness that it is true. We are sons and daughters of a Divine Creator. We have inherited gifts and powers from Him. We have the power to create the world we want to live in. When we align our will with His, the wishes of our hearts become commands. By our faith, obedience, and desire, we slowly but surely create an environment where God’s work can be done, where it truly is “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthday Memory Bank

Things have a way of getting lost on facebook, and I just loved all the memories shared this year, so I am transplanting them here so I can keep them.

Nikki Anderson Coon: "Any of those dry clean clothes you bought brand new for the MTC? Just send them home! Go buy a good jean skirt and some cute t-shirts, trust me!" That's what you told me the first time I met you here (late at night-bad) at the Sisters Conference. AND on top of it, you were from AZ too!!! Seriously, instant friend! It was my first week in the mission field. Your fun loving happy nature was a confirmation I was in the right place at the right time. So glad to be called to serve with people like you!


Jennifer Lingo Claar: Happy Birthday sister friend! I love you to the moon and back! I hope your day is extra special!

Melissa Westenskow:
��Happy Birthday to a most amazing woman I am blessed to have as a friend!
Thank-you for all the memories, but especially for all you did for me on my birthday last year!!! What a special gift I will never forget!
Hoping your day is as amazing as you deserve!!!

Jamie Layton Post Melin Oh, I love you, sister! I miss you so, but I'm so grateful we live in a time when technology can keep us closer than ever! Xo

Catherine Carroll Happy Birthday, Jamie. A memory of you? Well, obviously your fresh-faced beauty. That beauty to the bone, that radiates from within is one of your gifts. I usually saw the five of you together...Katie, Cherish, Susie, Jenny, and Jamie. Loved talking to you smart, funny and idealistic. Your music became a part of my music...The Cure especially. You once brought me a gift for Christmas, a candlestick was pewter and very old. That was so sweet and unusual. But you weren't the usual or ordinary, and that occurred to me very early. I still have the candlestick holder and have found its twin since then. See what you started! I now have another hobby for my old age. Happy Birthday to a very unique and beautiful woman, whom I was fortunate to meet when you were a fresh-faced girl, who hung out with my sweet girls. I loved growing up with all of you. Also, blessed to see your beautiful family, and read wise and funny words from your life in a northern town. And you're a good writer. But that doesn't surprise me. Much love on your birthday, Jamie.

Jessica Smith Vaughan 1. Favorite memory: laughing hysterics in Washington DC about the metro stop foggy bottom and sitting in the bathtub with our snowman.
2. If money were no object, I would give you an all expense paid vacation to the tropics in January and I would come along to warm out the winter blues together.

Jamie Layton Post Melin Jessica, DC was monumental. I still giggle when I hear foggy bottom because I'm 11. Miss you, dear Amiga!

Pam Petterborg Ingermanson I am not sure it is my favorite memory but a very special one--being in the Celestial Room of the Mesa Temple with you and Stephanie after one of first few temple sessions for both of you!!!! If money was no object I would have a WEEKLY shipment of Eegees to your front door. If it was daily you would soon take it for granted because that is what we tend to do. So weekly to keep it special. Happy Birthday sweet, Jamie!!!

Liz Kersey Dorathy The first memory that popped into my head, oddly, was you taking me home one night and the song "Breathe" my Maria McKee came on and we sat there and listened to it. I always loved the deep connection that you have with music, it's one thing that made me recognize you as a soul sister.
If money was no object (I have actually priced it out...sorry that I'm poor. ) I would mail you eegees and real tamales.

Jamie Layton Post Melin Lizzie, how crazy I was just thinking about that song, and all the other favorite make out songs. I remember taking a poll of everyone in my car to see which was better, "Show Me Heaven" or "Breathe" and Andrew said, "I'm not sure which is better, I just know I need to kiss somebody now." Ha! Thanks for sharing!

Valerie Robertson: Love the idea, and since Wednesday is going to be crazy... Let me do it now! Favorite memory is standing in my kitchen watching you scrap out the dish and eat the crusts from the Special K loaf... After winning the rights to the dish from Taralyn Roderick
Jamie Layton Post Melin: Val...SPECIAL K LOAF?!?! I'd totally forgotten how much we loved that! Do you still make it? You should send me the recipe for meatless Monday. Thanks for sharing, love you! And Roderick, too.

Emily Scribner Swanson My favorite memory of you is when you, Mary and I would sit in our family room eating Parmesan tortillas and talking/laughing/crying until all hours of the night. If money was no object, I would give you airline tickets to RDU to see all your NC peeps!
Jamie Layton Post Melin Emily, I loved those times with you and your awesome mom. It was so kind of you to have me, and just so comforting to be with you. I remember coming in from the garage one night and there was this huge mountain of caffeine free diet coke bottles and I said, "It looks like we live in some third world country where you can't drink the water so you have to drink diet coke!" Suuuuriously. Such good times.

Marti Mayberry You were the best bday present I ever received in my whole life. You have been such a great joy to me. Happy Birthday to my dear niece, friend, partner in crime and other adventures.
Laura Lehman Being your first...(for 22 minutes) baby sister, I have WAY too many favorite memories, but one that ALWAYS pops in my head from time to time is when we were sitting in the back bedroom (house in sorry Vista) just talking and joking around and you pooted (trying to keep it and said "Hmmmm, that smells like roses." You took a breath and then said "Oh wait, not it doesn't." And we laughed hysterically! If money was no object.....I'd give you a bunch so you could do whatever you wanted. Thanks for being the best big sister...EVER! I sure do love you, James. Happy early birthday. Hope you have a dance party in your honor.

Jamie Layton Post Melin: Laura Lehman...what? I don't poot, I'm a lady! Lol. Love you, sis! Auntie Marti's the first time in a long time we won't be together! No chocolate zucchini cake! I love sharing my day with you! Xo

Jennifer Fink Bailey: How about when we performed the Sound of Music in 6th grade...we were girls in white dresses! Happy birthday!!!!
Jamie Layton Post Melin: Jennifer Fink Bailey, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens! I always think of you (and all the cool Jewish kids I grew up with) around my birthday and the high Holy Days. Shanah Tovah, Amiga!

Georgia Bowen Buchert: For your birthday I want to hire a babysitter for you and steal you away for a trip Down Under. How about New Zealand? Two weeks?

Heidi Buchert Egan: My first memory of you was when I visited you and Jeanne at the row house. I loved how much fun we had, although I know there were hard parts too. All I remember these 25 years later are the giggly, fun, girly dress ups.

Melissa Roadman: Your house on Eastland. Early elementary school... Like first/second grade-ish... I remember your mom, your pigtails and the fun!!!

Martin Buchert James: Happy Birthday! Here's what's in the wish-box: backyard dance at the Moondog Bucherts. All Bucherts and Melins and Posts and Rupper friends and Aaron David Michael associates are there, and YOU, dear sister, are the DJ. We'll hold the dance in a little meadow away out of town so we can start early and dance till whenever (there are big family tents for sleepy kids so no one leaves standing).

Many happy returns of the day.

Alana Bowen Lerwill Ok lots of funny memories especially rooming together in college. But one of my favorite disaster/funny memories is borrowing Jason May's OLD volkswagon bug to drive with Willie to the REM concert in Boise. How many times did that thing break down and backfire coming down hills shooting flames up into the night.? We froze to death on the way home because of the hole in the floor where you could see the road flying by underneath, but hey the concert was good right? I don't think I was ever so glad to see Rexburg as when we limped into town on snow covered roads at like 4:00am. "So stand in the place where your live, now face north. Think about direction, wonder why you haven't before." Happy Birthday you strong wonderful woman!! I'm so proud of who you have become. I am a huge fan of you!

Rich Melin Well my favorite would have to be meeting you at your birthday party for the first time. I walked into that house on Carterville road and you were standing by the stairs and I said to myself, "Well HELLO Birthday girl!!!" That birthday party worked out rather well for me! Another favorite would be spending a lazy birthday with you in Edinburgh Scotland some 6 years ago. Trying to figure out what our Cabbie was really saying, having some fabulous Bangers and Mash and those awesome waitresses that sang to you and wandering the Royal Mile with a bunch of rowdy college kids in knickers and argyles. That was a great day!!!

Liz Kersey Dorathy On some random road trip, I remember you saying that having the heater on in your car while having your window rolled down in the winter is like a hot fudge sundae. So many laughs on those road trips.
Jamie Layton Post Melin Liz Kersey Dorathy, that is the official name for having the windows down and the heater on. People need fresh air, even with the heater on. So you just say, "It's time for a hot fudge sundae!" OH, THE ROADTRIPS! I need to start a thread just for everyone who has been on a roadtrip with me. If only those poor souls from the BYU ride board were around to tell tales! And dear Kevin, may he RIP....

Liz Wettstein Athans I love the pic of Zach kissing your cheek when you served here on your mission. And when you took Amy and Corey out teaching with you. You and Sister Roderick were wonderful missionaries!

Sarah Black Skabelund The fireside that you and I spent hours putting together for the branch. That was an incredible night! Oh...and singing with you

Becky Swegle I remember the first time I met you and I LOVE this memory. I had just barely starting seeing Michael Gregg regularly and we were signing in for a dance at the East Stake Center. You ran in all excited and told Michael that you had got a book about KISSING especially for him to read. LOL!!
Jamie Layton Post Melin: Becky, Michael was my Other Brother, and I took my big sister duties very seriously.

Sam Elrey The night I got home from my mission. Walking through the Tucson airport after midnight with you in my arms. You patted my shoulder and asked," Remember t5hios Gramma? Remember this?" One of the best welcomes home ever. Thanks.

Uncle Sam Elrey, I love that story! What a silly little two year old I was! My favorite memory of you was recent, when you came up for Thanksgiving 2011. You were so sweet to my kids, and when we were in the kitchen together it felt like I was with Grandpa again. In my peripheral vision your presence was identical and I just loved the joy he got from cooking good food. I love the joy YOU get from it, too, and the joy (and roundness) I get from eating what you make, lol

Zanya Rodabough Favorite memory... Sharing taco night with you and your lovely family at your old house with all our kids around... At that time you only had 3. Lol

Gift... A day of total relaxation (spa day). Then a great meal waiting for you to enjoy with Rich and the kids... That you didn't have to prepare.

Maren Allred Happy birthday Jamie! I always loved it when you spent cousin time with me and Candace! I remember you driving us all over the place, ... and my cousin was so cool! Thank you Jamie!
Jamie Layton Post Melin Oh. Maren, that's so sweet. You two were the cutest, 'FUNNEST' baby cousins ever! I sure love you and admire the woman you grew up to be.

Ryan Layton I clearly remember that you were always nice to me when I was a very little kid.
Jamie Layton Post Melin ^^ Ryan Layton, that makes me happy. You were a darling, sweet little brother I hardly ever got to see...I'm glad we made good memories.

Katie Lewis Richins Jamie - Happy Birthday! I will always think of you as being that super-hip, always-a-step-ahead-of-me, girl-I-want-to-take-cues-from person I looked up to. You maneuvered through young single adulthood with a kind of confidence I always admired, especially as that age and stage can be just so awkward and painful (at least for me!!! ). I hope you have a wonderful day, full of love and good memories!!

Matt-Amie Post One of my favs is hanging out with you at Balboa park and picking that huge flower for Amie... I think that sealed the deal.

Candace Jordan: I remember riding in your car, listening to Fun Lovin Criminals " Scooby Snacks" and playing punk rock tennis. Then staying up late at Grandma and Grandpa's watching SNL on the pullout couch.
Byron Jensen:  I remember meeting you at a stake dance. I saw you across the cultural hall and quoted Sixteen Candles to my friend Andrew "By night's end, I predict me and her will interface." Yes, I'm a geek.
Jamie Layton Post Melin: Aww, Byron Jensen, my very own Farmer Ted! That was so fun. I'm eternally grateful we friendship with you and Andy was n integral, perhaps defining part of my teenage years. (ps, you were wearing a bones skate could I resist!)

Anna Johnson: My favorite memory of you is singing a duet our freshman year in high school choir class for some state competition. I think we sang Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring. k! and a very happy happy birthday to you!

Susan Marie Shanks: Too many fun memories to pick just one - all the church dances, weekend sleepovers, BFF tween moments zoning out to the Cure, Maria McKee, Elvis Costello, Howard Jones.... Ahhh the memories. Happy birthday friend!

Jamie Layton Post Melin:  I know, right, Sooz? Too many to count. I had a Jack in the Box taco the other day (don't ask--I've cleansed) and the taste took me right back to your basement when we would send poor Gene Travis out to get us tacos and cokes so we could watch MTV all night long. Also, the shed. Coupla KOOKS! Thanks for the memories and for sharing the BIRTHWEEK, September Gurl.

Susan Marie Lawrence: I recently heard that Bangles song September Girls and it gushed back memories from those days.... Total time machine moment. Also, yes the SHED is also a really good one.

Susan and Jamie 1989

Jamie & Sooz 1992

Summer Schiess Orton: Feliz Cumple Amigita! Too many memories to count, but we had a streak of visiting teaching going for like 3 years or something

Kathleen Warren: This is really silly and minor, but shortly after Heidi was born I asked you if I could hold her and I didn't know how to take her when you handed her to me and it was pretty awkward, but you laughed and told me that I needed to practice passing babies around if I was ever going to have my own.

Jane Welch: If time money and distance were not a problem we would fly around the world and see all the Vermeer's possible to see! Happy, happy, and 1 more happy birthday! Hugs

Megan Mecham Arakawa: The Arakawa's would come and make you dinner and an awesome cake!

Stephanie Ingermanson Lund: So, I have a few memories to share...hope nobody minds! I don't remember anything specific from the high school days, just that I thought you were the most beautiful, fun, and happy girl I knew at church dances. You reminded me of Belinda Carlisle and I wanted to be just like you. Then I remember you and your brief stint at Ricks and running into you a couple of times. But, the best was the summer before our missions. Thanks for being the friend I needed that summer, especially going to the temple with me my first time ever and my first epic "marathon" weekend. I loved having you in the MTC and the letters I would get from you. And now, you have been such a great mom role model to me...even all the miles away from each other that we are. I have read just about every one of your blog posts. They have made me laugh and cry and think and change the way I view the world...all for the better. Thanks for more than 25 years of great memories! And now, if money were no object, I would buy an Eegee's franchise and give it to you. Up there in your neck of the woods. I'm playing Powerball, so keep your fingers crossed! Love to you and best wishes on your birthday!

Lori Perry Neptune: Happy Birthday Jamie! So many great childhood memories of you! Our baptism, the dances, birthday parties! We also liked the same 80's music! I know we always looked forward to the dances because we always hoped they would play our favorite songs. I hope you are having the best day ever!!

Andrea Danielson: Happy Jamie Day! You are overflowing with kindness and spunky to are tremendously loved and admired. May the joy of today spill over onto your whole year as you raise your darling family to follow God :) Big bear hugs!!

Brent Dunn: Happy birthday!! So, a memory: Not long after we had a discussion about music, you presented me with an incredible mix tape full of music that you liked. It might seem like a small gesture, but I thought it was very generous of you to put that together for me.

Laura Massey Miller: Happy Birthday to one of my favorite beehive girls. You and Susan Marie Lawrence were like my little sisters. Love you guys!!

Jamie Layton Post Melin: Laura Massey Miller, I remember you as a big and Sherri were our cool Laurel counterparts. Did you know the only time I've ever been grounded was when you took us to GolfNStuff after a YW softball game before you left for college? My mom told me to come straight home but I was determined to have one last hurrah.

Laura Massey Mille:r I blame Sherri Millett. Not me, I would never do such a thing! Loved these girls.

Susan Marie Lawrence: Wait, Jamie--your mom did not ground you when you ran her over with the van??? That is far more deserving of a punishment than a night at GolfNStuff with our big sis's.

Jamie Layton Post Melin: I agree, Sooz! Did I ever tell you that one of my young women drove her car INTO the convenience store? Right through the front glass. I was glad to be able to console her by saying, "Don't feel bad, I ran over my mom when I was your age."

aura Massey Miller: Sherri, you need to read this. Look at little Miss Jamie Layton Post Melin and her ranch full of calves. We got her in trouble! Can you believe we would do such a thing! I believe there was much laughter, boy admiring, etc going on that night at Golf and Stuff. Good clean fun in my opinion. Oh the lives we shaped and didn't even know it. Those were the best times.

Jamie Layton Post Melin: Let me be clear...I got myself in trouble. I'm sure you assumed I had permission.

Laura Massey Miller: Like Sherri and I never did stuff we weren't supposed to. We probably never even asked you, just took you along.

Susan Marie Lawrence: You and Sherri were literally THE COOLEST, and very charitable to hang out with us little beehives!

Jamie Layton Post Melin:  ^^yes! True! Laura, you made me feel so cool when you took 7th-grade-me to a Sahuaro football game and told everyone I was a freshman at Sabino. I was like, "Yeah, I'm totally 15, not 12, and I'm so awesome hangin' with these seniors..."

Susan Marie Lawrence: As long as we are having a night of memory lane, want to share that Jon just bought tickets for us to see Suzanne Vega at the Fox Theatre. I am psyched. My name is Luka....

Jamie Layton Post Melin: I'm so very envious! I heard that remix version of Toms Diner a few weeks ago and it freaked me out. The Queen and the Soldier...ah. Jon is the best, I dig him the most.

Laura Massey Miller: Let me just say, I am so proud of both of you ladies. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!!

Mary Mahan Rogers: Yamie! How can I ever forget memories of you in noni-land... Barfing in the trash can while you walk down the hall, watching Office Space, etc. Girl, I am so glad I met you. I remember when you had Addie and you let me babysit her while you and Rich went out. I laid her on the bed and just marveled at her preciousness. Happy birthday, Jamie. I am so very happy to call your friend.

Amber Nicole Drews: Happy birthday! My favorite memory is mostly a feeling. You always have made me feel likea part of your family! We love you Jamie!!!!

Elise Elrey: Happy birthday!!! My favorite memory with you is the time just you and I drove down to Sierra Vista! That drive started my love for the Cranberries, the Sunday, and that kind of music!!!

Teresa Reber Bell: Happy Birthday to my sweet and amazing friend! I have so many great memories of you and the many fun times we had in Tucson and driving to SLC from Tucson. You have been such a blessing to me in my life, and I'm so happy we're still in touch. Have a fabulous birthday!!!

Rebecca Bush Buchert: My wish for you is to slip into a time warp and visit any place you wish to for however long you need/want and then be able to come back to wherever you were with no time having passed. Happy birthday!

Meg Zimmer: Happy Birthday Jamie! In keeping with your request, I will offer up my memory of first meeting you and thinking 'this is someone I could totally hang out with'. I remember thinking how smart and funny of a gal you were. I'm glad we are friends! Happy day to you!

Julie O'Dea: I distinctly remember listening to you speak in depth about biblical scripture that one day and knowing that you were anointed to do just that. You encouraged me to read the book of Isaiah. Since then, I have felt that God will use our friendship in a way beyond our comprehension. Happy Birthday beautiful!

Naomi Johnson: Just want to say HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you. It's technically the night before your Birthday still here in Hawaii...but wanted you to know what a beautiful lady you are indeed. So full of love and warmth. I love you to the moon and back and hope your adorable family spoils you rotten. Happy Birthday!

Christina Hanks: Happy Birthday! My favorite memory of you was the first time I met you little, all freckles and a huge but shy smile.

Jen Cameron Kartchner: I've been trying to remember a specific event about you but can't. I mostly remember your smiling beautiful glowing face! Happy birthday and I wish for you to visit somewhere green, to ride a horse over a meadow, and to look over a cliff with the wind blowing in your hair just like kiera knightly.