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Smooshing My Mama Heart

The past few weeks have been full of monumental parenting moments for me and my heart is being super stretched out. I feel hyper-aware of the speed of the passing of time and the poignancy of each of these moments. A lot of that has to do with thinking about Erin (my late bff), or more about her daughters, and the many firsts that are happening for them as well, but she is not here with them. I feel this mix of extreme emotions at times and I just wanted to record some of them.

Last night after taking some prom photos and watching the girls scurry to the car to begin the festivities, I remarked to another mom, "I can't believe we are already doing this! I'm having a serious Sunrise, Sunset moment here." And then I did the lamest, most sentimental thing and burst into tears as I thought about all the things Erin's girls are doing without their mom trailing behind them with a camera. They are doing really cool things. They are really super brave. I feel so honored …

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