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Dear Loved Ones,                                                                                                                                  
Happy Sabbath, Lovies! We have had a rather peaceful week with lots of wind and beautiful weather. This was our last week of soccer and we didn’t get a single warm Saturday this season, but we did it! James and Niles had a lot of fun playing but we are glad to be off the treadmill of practice and games.
Monday was another busy fall-cleaning day for me, sorting through the little boys’ clothes, books, and toys and cleaning their room. I had breakfast at Gil’s with Ammon after we dropped Heidi off to school and then we got to work! We had a yummy roast-and-potato dinner and a nice family night from The Friend about how prophets are to us like a control tower is to a pilot. They can see a bigger picture and warn us of dangers and obstacles ahead and help make it safely back home.
Tuesday we cleaned up James’ room, which is something I have been …

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