Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Interview

Brooks got interviewed and now she's interviewing me! Here are her six questions and my answers. If you want to play, follow the directions at the bottom and leave a comment.

1. How did you and your husband wind up living in Livingston, Montana?

Well, it’s pretty simple, really. This is his hometown, and we got engaged up on a mountain near here. We both love it but (you may have heard) there are no jobs in Montana, so we never thought of living here.

But then there was 9/11, the birth of our first daughter, and Rich’s subsequent lay-off during my maternity leave. And then there was me not being able (emotionally/spiritually) to leave my baby to go back to work and Rich taking a job with a company that went under 8 months later. Not a good year for us on the financial front. After the second job disaster we knew we had to do something permanent and we prayed for a true, lasting opportunity. Rich’s parents called from here begging for help at the Insurance Agency they opened 25 years ago, and we came. Rich got his license (he has a degree in International Business from BYUH, but had been working as a professional Photographer and designer) and we moved to Livingston in October 2002.

We lived above a dental office on Main Street until July 22nd, when we moved into a sweet little house we built ourselves, so I guess we are staying. Y’all plan a Yellowstone Adventure and come see us!

2. Name your top 10 favorite albums from high school (they don't have to be in order, just whatever 10 albums you think were the best)

Oh, man. I’m thinking hard. In no particular order…

The Dream Academy- The Dream Academy
Listen Like Thieves and Kick -INXS
Document- REM
In My Tribe & Blind Man’s Zoo- 10,000 Maniacs
Head on the Door- The Cure
The Queen is Dead—The Smiths
The Joshua Tree- U2
Shelter- Lone Justice
Blood and Chocolate-Elvis Costello
The Pretty in Pink Soundtrack

…okay, that’s 12, but it’s all good.

3. What are your hopes for your daughters as they grow up?

What a loaded question, Brooks! That Rod Stewart song, Forever Young, always comes into my head when I think of them. I am trying to put it succinctly, because my heart is full of a million little prayers for them.

First of all, I hope they feel loved and secure.

I hope they can come to an understanding of their own relation ship to God, Jesus Christ, and this world—an understanding that gives them hope, confidence, and love in their hearts.

I hope they grow a keen sense of right and wrong, of decency, and of empathy. I know that a lot of empathy comes from one’s own hurts, but I hope they only ever hurt enough to learn empathy, but not enough to be bitter or scarred.

I hope they will be full of love—love for themselves, love for us, love for others—and that they are moved to help when they see a need and share what ever they can.

I hope they really come to know and love themselves, and that they can live out their lives doing things that they are good at and that they enjoy. This of course requires an education and lots of opportunities to figure out what they love and are good at.

I hope they will live with integrity—I hope they decide what they really believe in and then have the moral courage to live it with passion, what ever it is.

I hope each of them meets and marries someone who loves, adores, and serves them as much Richard does me. When all is said and done, our marriage is/will be the crowning achievement of my life.

4. How strictly do you follow the rules of Mormonism that have to do with diet? Do you drink caffeine?

Well, the “Word of Wisdom” as it’s called, has really been a blessing in my life. It basically prescribes abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea (herbal is ok) and moderation in all other things (very little meat, etc). I suppose the fact that I am overweight is evidence that I am not following the spirit of the law (moderation), but I fully adhere to the abstaining parts. I do drink caffeine when I feel like it—hot cocoa & Diet Coke—but I try to be reasonable and not do it often enough to be addicted. Caffeine Free Diet Coke with cherry syrup in it is one of my favorite things, but sometimes I am in the mood for an icy Coke, straight up, and I drink that, too.

So I am on the “Molly Mormon” side of the spectrum, but there are Mormons who interpret the law even more strictly, avoiding any form of caffeine (oh, no---do NOT take away my chocolate, people!) or not eating meat. I do firmly believe the body is a gift to be respected and maintained as such.

5. What is your favorite John Hughes movie and why?

Oh, jeez…this is hard. The Breakfast Club is so very timeless and probably the best movie for that reason, but I get torn between Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink for my personal favorite. I saw Sixteen Candles on my thirteenth birthday and it was monumental for me—it still just kills me. I must have seen PIP 20 times at the dollar movies in the summer between 9th and 10th grades. It’s so great, and I love the soundtrack, but 20 years later (maybe I am a crotchety old lady) but it gets a little pouty and dramatic at times. So I guess my vote is for Sixteen Candles.

6. What are you currently reading?

Besides the Care Bears Bedtime Treasury? Not much. The Book of Mormon, as usual. I am skimming through The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, waiting for more Nick Hornby to come in at the Livingston Public Library. I read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius in June and it was a fun read, but kind of overrated. And too many F-bombs for me.

Want me to interview you? Just follow these steps
1. Leave a comment below with the words 'Interview me'.
2. I will respond by asking you six questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers.
4. You will include this explanation in the same post.
5. When others ask to be interviewed, you will ask them six questions.


cmhl said...

ohhh, we have the same taste in music! I LOVE the pretty in pink soundtrack, and REM!!!

Carla said...

First of all--Homeschoolers Rule! (I feel I should follow that with "Dude!")

Second--Interview me!
Love ya, Carla

Brooks said...
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Brooks said...

Well done Jamie!

I know those questions went from the serious to the totally obscure and random, but i always think a mixed bag of questions is the most fun.

I know about the lack of jobs in Montana. My dad says there are more PhDs waiting tables in Missoula than in any other state and I would bet he is right.

Our high school music collection was very syncronized as I had predicted. The only album I didn't have out of your list was Dream Academy.


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