Monday, November 12, 2012

Early November Photos

If you're my facebook friend you know that my desktop computer died last week and I lost my bearings for a minute there. To add insult to injury, our new computer uses Windows 8 and it's hard to learn my way around. ACK! I'm too old for this, my brain is not as elastic as it used to be. Anyhoooo, here we are and I am thankful to be back in the blogging saddle. Here are some photos:
All our jack-o-lanterns, grown in the ranch garden by Grandma & Grandpa. Addie's Owl, Niles' silly face, Mommy's leaves, Daddy's PacMan, James' dinosaur, and Heidi's Spooky face.

Our Thankful Tree, put up on November 3 and thankful leaves added at family night on November 5.

The whole tree features these pretty ornaments from Mama B., Ellen Buchert. She paints the botanicals, then mounts them on handmade paper with a twine loop and they are beautiful. Looking at the tree with her paintings on it reminds me of "For the Beauty of the Earth"...good thought for a month of gratitude. The prickly pear is my favorite, and the pomegranate, as both grew in our yard in Arizona.

Thankful Tree is living in a real milk bucket this year, with a family photo hanging prominently.

Another shot of Ellen's pretty ornaments.

We had a blizzard just in time for a long weekend...the girls built a little igloo.

Snuggling in their snowdrift la-z-boys

cold Adeline

Wild Heidi

Cute sisters

Having a good laugh.

I've got more to write, lots of thoughts, a surprising pit in my stomach since midnight the sixth, and some gratitude mixed in there, too. I'll be back, now that I've learned how to turn this new-fangled computer on, heh, heh.


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