Sunday, June 14, 2015


Dear Loved Ones,                                       
It has been a busy two weeks at our house, finishing up school and starting summer. Somehow we still seem as busy as ever. Next week’s schedule looks more like summer to me.

The first week of June was super busy with end of school activities. Heidi had to prepare her final social studies project, the Fifth Grade Wax Museum, where she portrayed J.R.R. Tolkien. It was fun helping her prepare—we finally learned that he preferred to pronounce his name “TOL-keen.”  Wednesday 6/3 I helped her finish her backdrop—a quote from The Hobbit—and Friday 6/5, we attended the museum and concert (songs from American History Civil War through World War II). She did a great job! During Heidi’s museum, the middle school had an awards assembly and Addie got a few awards—A Presidential Scholar award for having a cumulative 4.0, plus awards from two teachers for being awesome and maintaining a 4.0 in their classes all year. We are grateful she is so self-motivated!

Thursday June 4th was the craziest day! The little boys and I had been pretty sick on Wednesday, and Niles was still a little woozy on Thursday, but it was his last day of preschool and they had a BBQ at the park. Rich met me there at 11:30 and we had lunch and let the boys play at the park. Then I took the very tired boys home to nap and Rich went to James’ Track meet. At 5 we went to Addie’s final Choir concert at the middle school—it was excellent, they have come so far in a year!  At 6pm we went over to the ball park for James’ last baseball game, which was really fun. All six of his team mates had a really good play and a good hit, so it was a nice way to end the season. Rich had to leave in the middle of the game to head to Bozeman for Scout Roundtable, so the girls helped me bathe the grubby boys and get them to bed. What a busy, fun day!

Monday June 8th we had Grandma and Grandpa Melin over for dinner, Family Night and birthday cake to celebrate Grandma’s 68th birthday 2 days early. We had a nice time with them. They’ve been traveling so much, we missed them!

Wednesday June 10th was the last day of school (and Grandma’s actual birthday). I had a doctor appointment at 8:45am, so grandma came and watched the boys for me that morning. When I got home, we ran to the park to meet the kids for an end-of-school picnic. We had bubbles and baseball and hung out with the Lowe kids and friends from school for an hour or so. I brought the little boys home for naps, but the girls rode bikes with their friends all afternoon. Addie went to the Farmer’s Market with her friends, and then they all went up to Young Women, then to a big party at her Beehive leader’s house afterward. I drove three girls home at 11:45pm and they were just giddy with Summer fever!

 James had Cub Scout Day Camp on Friday and Saturday. It was western-themed and he had such a blast. Rich was able to join him on Saturday, and afterward they went on a father-son date to “Jurassic World.” Meanwhile at home I tried to maintain the boys’ regular schedule while helping the girls get to all their social engagements. We went thrifting for summer clothes on Friday and the pool opened on Saturday, so we had our own fun during day camp. Saturday night just before Rich got home, while the girls were watching movies with their friends, I carried a big load of laundry downstairs and fell and slid down the last five stairs, bruising my right glute and ribs. I caught my breath and got up fine, but after a few hours of sleep I was in serious pain last night. I took some Aleve--I can only rest on my left side, can’t sit (well, it’s 6pm and I’m sitting okay now, but not this morning!). I hope an adjustment and some swimming will help me feel better tomorrow—ain’t nobody got time for that!

 Happy Birthday this week to Uncle Josh Craft, Uncle Ryan Layton, Daddy Rich and Cousin Liana on Thursday, and Cousin Raef on Saturday. Have a great week, everybody. We love you!

Love, Rich and Jamie and Family
Heidi painting her backdrop 6/3
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Playing at the park during Niles' Preschool BBQ 6/4

Ammon loves crawling through the tunnel at the park.

James throwing a softball at the track meet 6/4

James long jumping 6/4

Addie's Choir Concert 6/4

James' last at-bat 6/4

Heidi as Tolkien at the 5th Grade Wax Museum 6/5

End-of-School Picnic on 6/10:
Ammon, Addie, Amelie, Jeanette, Heidi

Summer Girls, Middle School Pals 6/10

Niles napping 6/10

James and Cubbie friends celebrated the last day of school with
make-your-own pizza and trampoline at our house 6/10:
Kinnick, James, Zane, William, Ammon, and Niles

A cubbie root beer toast to summer! Cheers!

One of the YW helpers posted this photo of the Beehives at YW 6/10
Addie, Amelie, Izzi, and Jeanette
(Addie tells me they were making "one eyed-one-horned-flying purple people eater hats for girls camp)

Paleo dinner with our missionaries, Elders Brock and McMahon
Lemon-Garlic grilled veggies and chicken with mushroom couscous.

Shopping at Target with my heroes 6/12





BB Target Shooting



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