Monday, August 31, 2015


This is the canyon heading toward Bozeman on Thursday afternoon (8.20) as we headed to Mack's Inn for the reunion. There was a huge fire burning near Three Forks, plus all the smoke from Idaho and Washington fires. YIKES!

Niles, Max Craft, Max Mullins, and James chillin' at our camp site.
They were insta-buds!

Rich working hard to get set up

Heidi drawing and journaling Friday morning

Max M and James Friday morning

Niles on Friday

Johnny Sacks' cabin at Big Springs
This is the little water wheel below the cabin--such beautiful wood work, I want my own cabin now!

Heidi checking out the springs

It was mesmerizing to watch the plants move beneath the perfectly clear spring water.

Hiking around the cabin with cousins

Addie, Heidi, James with hands on Max and Niles, Aubrey, Kate, and Ellie Mullins.

Addie, Heidi, James with hands on Max and Niles, Aubrey, Kate, and Ellie Mullins

Upstairs at Johnny's
Addie, Niles, Heidi, and James

Heading out to float Henry's Fork

Addie in the river

Heidi and James

Owen, Kristen, Gavin, and Sam Layton with Heidi

Laytons Ahoy!

Audrey and Spencer heading out

Rich, James, Maeby, and Willy

Maebs and Will heading out

Liam and Melanie bringing up the caboose

Such a serene scene...
probably because the river wasn't moving. Like, at all.

Four beautiful boys at the playground Saturday morning.

I was struck by all their beautiful EYES!
Gavin Layton, James Melin, Max Mullins, and Owen Layton

Sam in West Yellowstone.
He sometimes answers to "Bullwinkle"

Mob-o-Laytons in West Yellowstone

Heidi and James are crazy

Addie Melin, Kennedy Craft, Brenna Layton, Aubrey Mullins, Owen Layton in front of Hailey Layton and Heidi, James Melin, and Ellie Mullins
 front row L-R:Niles Melin, Zecklin Oslin, Kate, Nathan, and Max Mullins, James Layton, Max Craft, Lexi Mullins, and Gavin Layton.

Owen, James, and Aubrey watching the taffy puller.


The crowd of candy fans grows...

Mullins family picking out their fudge treats.

Look at those faces just eyeballing that candy

Niles and Lexi sharing treats

Silly cuties

Niles getting a bear hug

Owen, James, Niles, and Little James with a bison in West


Our cute niece, Piper Craft

Back at camp--Lexi, Niles, Zecklin

Addie and Zecklin

Niles and Lexi--wondertwins

Ammon, Kate, and Lexi

Love these sweet girls!!!

Chef Richard and his pizzas and cheesecake


Another dynamic duo: Heidi and Kennedy

Addie with Rhonda's sweet baby Reese

Shelby helping with portraits, bless her heart.

Blurry but hilarious pic of Addie.
Typical reaction to Heidi.

Ammy eating in his little chair under the tree, happy as a clam and safe from danger or disaster.

It was like Thanksgiving in summer at the Saturday potluck. Every dish was delicious!
It was a lovely final gathering for everybody.

These Two!

Ammon said, "HAPPY TRAILS, y'all. I'm out."
Here are all the portraits we took after dinner on Saturday (8.22).

Two Jameses

Three Jameses

Jamie's Family

Willy's Family

Laura's Family
Dad and Laura

Dad and Becky with Lisa's Family
Dad and Becky with Laura's Family

Lisa's Family

Rhonda's Family

Sam's Family
Ryan's Family (missing Gavin)

Ryan's Family with Dad and Becky

Dad and Becky with Sam's Family
Erin's Family

All 8 kids with Dad and Becky
Erin, Rhonda, Jamie, Sam, Willy, Ryan, Laura
Becky, Dad, Lisa

Thanks for the memories, everybody!!!


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