Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Independence Day 2011

First thing in the morning, the Melin gang met at Pine Creek Trailhead for a hike up to the waterfall. It was already pretty warm at 10am, so we were glad to make it up to the nice cool falls! Niles with Grandma
Liana, TJay, and James on the trail

Kelli & Lexi

Matthew & Jess

Richard & Me at the falls

James, Richard, Summer, and Me on the bridge at the falls

Summer & Addie taking a break at the falls

James & Jared taking a break at the falls

The Girls- Summer, Addie, Me, & Heidi at the falls

Me & Rich

Our Family plus Summer minus Niles

Addie & Summer cooling off by the creek

on the way back down the trail we spotted this snake

Jared & James on the trail

Back at the trailhead having a picnic

James, Jared, Liana, Addie, and TJay eating lunch

Yellowstone tour bus downtown at the depot

Addie posing with the bus

After hiking, we all took naps, then went out to the pavilion at the ranch again for BBQ and games...

...and family pictures!


Back L-R: Angie, Hannah, Mike, Me, Niles, Richard, Dad & Mom, Mark, Elena, Samantha, Jess, Lexi, Kelli, & TJay

Front L-R: Danny, Rosalie, Heidi, James, Addie, Sariah, Liana, Jared, Summer, & Matthew

Grandparents & Grandchildren

Melins- Mike, Rich, Jess, Mom/Rosalie, Dad/Tom, Mark, and Angie

Last but never least, here's a big grin from Lexi!


The Melin evening ended with a s'mores , then we lined up on the new deck of the ranch house and watched a fireworks show put on by Uncle Mark (and Uncle Mike played fireman with the hose). SO FUN!

Each night of the Roundup Fireworks, we went to the Claars' house from 10pm-11pm to watch the fireworks (they live just blocks from the fairgrounds) and hang out with our ward friends. It was super fun and we want to tell Aunt Jenn thanks for the s'mores and glo-stix and the FUN--we love you guys!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Day Weekend, So Far...

James resting up for the big weekend
Early morning smiles from Niles

Daddy & Niles

More sweet smiles from Niles (look at those cheeks! He's up to 11lbs)



Our Independence Day celebration kicked off (as always) with the Livingston Roundup Parade down town. Rich's brohter Mark & Family arrived from Texas on Wednesday and Jess and family arrived on Thursday, so we had a little Melin Reunion.

Our Gang

(that's Matthew, James, Sammy, and TJay in front)

Crazy Float

Niece Samantha Melin

Niece Emily Post

Niece Lexi

Nephew Jared with his mom, Elena


Matthew Melin

Sariah Melin

Another Gang Shot (Addie with Cousin Liana at right)

My Brother Matthew under an umbrella (it was HOT, fer real!)

Addie & TJay Melin

Samantha, Summer, and Heidi

gathered around the cooler to cool off with some ice

My SIL Amie with Emily


Niece Lexi & her mom, Kelli

I made Amie wear this silly hat


After the parade, we headed out to the ranch for a potluck dinner at the pavilion

Summer, TJay, Lexi, James, Sam, Samantha, and Jared (standing) eating

Matthew, Heidi, Jacob (with Kelli & Jess in the background)

Mark & Elena (see how high the river is behind them?)

Emily, Sariah, Addie, & Liana


After dinner, Grandma planned water games for the kids

During a relay race

Heidi v. Sariah!

James thought the race was hilarious! Matthew Post with Elders Haymore & Moya

(Matt knows Elder Haymore from back in Tucson days--Matt was bff's with Elder Haymore's brother, Kurt).


Today we blessed Niles at church (no pix of that to post YET) and had lunch at home afterward.

Elders & Matt chattin' it up around my stairwell

A little family reunion at my table:

FIL Tom(lower left) and his cousin Rich (lower right) had a good visit today!

Nephew Jacob Post rocking Niles

The crowd (after some friends had eaten and left, family remained). This picture just makes my heart happy because everyone is having a peaceful, good time. And we had enough food--yay, that.

Cousins! Summer, Addie, Liana, Sariah, and TJay in Addie's room

Little cousins Samantha & Lexi watching James slide off the side deck.


Ahhh, a lovely Sunday with family and friends. Thanks for coming, everybody, and thanks especially to Amie (AGAIN) for all the help! Now for The Big Day...(pix coming soon) Hope you all have a great holiday!


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