Monday, December 29, 2014

Remember December

Silly Ammon Face 11.30

Niles likes to carry his stuffies in the Baby Bjorn 12.01

Professor Ammon in Addie's fake glasses

Cute little nerd!

Niles sent a love letter to Nana Lyn on 12.04
as part of our 25 Days of Kindness

(It was a very colorful letter)

We put up the tree on 12.01 for FHE but didn't get it decorated until Wednesday 11.03.
Then the lights started going out--lame! We fixed it, though.

Friday 12.05 was the Christmas Stroll Downtown. Addie's school choir sang
at the Murray Hotel at 5:30pm, so we went there first. Then we had some soup at Pickle Barrel.
Then back to the Murray to see the 8th grade choir, then to see Santa at Truex and on this
 caroling Hayride with the Joneses.

I went home with Ammon after the choirs--we weren't feeling so good--but Rich stayed with the big kids and made some great memories. Here are Elanor, James, Jeanette, Heidi, Addie, Eden, Rex, Beatrice, and part of their Dad on the hayride.

Niles and Rex waiting for Santa...

...there was a long line to see Santa in the furniture store!

Jones kids with Santa

Melin kids--sans Ammon--with Santa

Niles telling Santa he wants a dump truck and loader

Santa telling Heidi he is bringing her coal.

Addie & Santa

On Sunday 12.07, we invited the Strupps and the Joneses over to watch the Christmas Devotional Broadcast and have some dinner and treats. It was a wonderful start to the Christmas season!
Niles ready for church---Ninja Church.
James being Rudolph
Elanor being Rudolph
Trevor, Rich, and Lope in the kitchen

Sweet Ashely Strupp

Rex Jones

Jeanette and Elanor

James and Jason being silly

Cozy viewing in the basement

Heidi with Ammon during the broadcast

Little Bea by the tree

The gang eating soup and bread before the broadcast

Singing "Hallelujah" with the Jones girls.

Robyn and Sandy decked the halls at the office really nicely.

On 12.12 we went to do some Christmasing in Bozeman while
 the girls were at Clara Jones' 14th birthday party. We had dinner at Five Guys and it was great!
(We passed a tummy bug around 12.08-12.11,
 so this was pretty much our first real food that week!)

Saturday 12.13 was St. Lucia Day and
our Ward Christmas Breakfast.
Addie wore her Lucia clothes to the breakfast and
handed out pepparkakor.

Lovely little Bringer of Light

Eden and Addie took a selfie at church

Addie-Lucia, Ammon, and Clara

Cute little Lincoln Baker all dressed up for Christmas

Santa came to the breakfast!

He gave Niles a candy cane!

12.16 was Pack Meeting and the cubs made cookies for the fire station.

Curt, Zane, Kinnick, and James all frosting cookies.

Look at all those yummies!

James presented the colors.

The cubs presented their pictographs stories, then James became a Bear and I painted a paw on his face.

James got reading glasses. Isn't he handsome?

James had a school Christmas program on 12.18...he's in the middle of the
second row from the back in a tan sweater.
Heidi had a program the next day, but we wrote down the wrong
time and got there at the very end! She also had her first band concert
on 12.11, but I forgot a camera (and my phone) and Rich
forgot the whole thing all together, so we have no photos.
But she is a DARLING percussionist!
She did 3 songs on the snare drum and one on the bells.

This is Ammon at Addie's Christmas concert on the morning of 12/19.
I don't 'have a picture of Addie, though! It was a great concert.

Niles got his very own Christmas card and a dollar from Nana Lyn on 12/19

Addie and Clara wanted a joint birthday celebration with a dinner out
 followed by seeing The Hobbit. So I took all the girls to Rib & Chop for
 an early bird dinner at 4:30-6pm, then Rich and Lope took the girls to see
 The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies in Bozeman, and then took them out to yogurt.

Apparently they were pretty emotional after the movie
(even though they have read the book several times and knew the ending)...
Only yogurt could ease the pain!

On 12.20, Daddy got out his old German walker for Ammon

It's pretty cool, but Ammon doesn't quite have the hang of it yet.


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