Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Denver Airport=black hole

Life just got crazy busy. I've got a Young Womens' campout on Wed. (the 14-16 yr-olds) which is Rich's bday, planning mtg tonight, my cool sister Jill and her family arriving late Thursday night, a church activity at Pine Creek Friday that Rich is in charge of, a Young Women's fundraiser car wash on Saturday, and Rich's big birthday luau on Saturday night. And I still have to unpack our 4 big person-sized bags that arrived last night from United Airlines flight who-the-heck-knows!

A few updates/corrections to previous entries: the luggage and camera that I lost on my way to St. Louis were returned the next day. The camera thing really restored my faith in humanity. At least a little.

My cousin's baby is Ryley, not Riley. Just like my daughter is Addie, not Addy (I wanted Adi, since it's short for Adeline, but then everyone would have pronounced a long A).

The people-issues I mentioned blew up and were resolved. And no, they were not with my husband or family. I actually don't fight with my husband because he is an angel straight from heaven and patiently puts up with all my antics. Our relationship is a happy, calm place in my life, which is something I thougt one could only DREAM of...

Okay. I must needs get on with my preparatios for the rest of the week. Farewell!

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