Thursday, June 26, 2003

I hope Willy (my brother--#1 of 5) doesn't mind if I post his response to that earlier entry about the CD. He's a good brother and pal and man, we wish there were better jobs in Montana so he could be a chemical engineer HERE instead of Death Valley (well, Palm Desert, CA--close enough).


That was cool, I read the bit about the CD and memories from our youth. I never missed being young, in Tucson, close to the ones I love like I do right now. I think it is a combination of realizing that we are getting old, passing through the young adult stage, and being so damn far away from each other. I have these thoughts in the back of my mind that tell me to just drop it all and go someplace that will make me happy. But, I think anyplace could make me happy as long as I was not so isolated. I know everything happens for a reason, to accomplish something in the Lord's big plan for each of us, but that does not make it any easier to bear. I want to move to Pocatello where we can be between you and Jill and next to Dad.

If it weren’t for my little family here with me, I would not be here at all. Home is where the heart is, unfortunately my heart is in more than one place; wherever my wife and children are, Tucson, Pocatello, Montana, Utah (and a little in MO with mom).

Thank you for being such a good communicator. You seem to hold the family so close together even when we are so far apart, a skill that I just never refined. Perhaps I am more the kind of person that keeps the family from blowing up when we are really close together, a peacemaker maybe? At least I like to think that…[that's true--mom mever yells at Willy; he could always calm her down!]

I am glad you wrote that, and glad that it somehow touched me, (weird feeling like this at work). My day has not been the greatest, so I am that much more grateful.

Thanks, I love and miss you sooooo bad.

Wally Toledo

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