Monday, June 23, 2003

Jill and family finally got here at lunchtime on Friday. We all went to the Pickle Barrel Sandwich shop for lunch and walked home in the warm rain. Sadly, that rain would soon turn cold and ruin our weekend plans. After lunch, Rich worked and we napped and relaxed at home. We had planned to go up to Pine Creek and camp, but the weather changed our minds and we had a cook out at Sacajawea Park and let the girls play instead. Rich's sister Angie joined us with her family and we got home just before the heavy, cold rains began. We bathed the girls and snuggled up and enjoyed eachother's company.

Saturday we also had to change plans due to the weather. Rich and Drew were going to take the girls swimming while Jill and I helped out at the Young Women's carwash (fundraiser for camp)--both activities were rained out. So we went out to Rosa's Pizza for lunch and drove down the valley to Chico Hot Springs so the girls could still swim. They were so cute swimming around on their little floaty toys. Addie loved walking around in the 2-ft. part and blowing bubbles. She didn't even mind going under water! I am so glad she's not afraid of water--we'll have much more fun this summer that way!

After swimming (around 3:30) we came back to town and began preparing for Rich's birthday luau at is parents' house. We planned it there because their yard is so beautiful, but we had to have it inside because of the rain. It turned out really fun anyway. We ate delicious marinated chicken and ribs, rice and chili, fruit salad, panipopo (coconut milk rolls), and cake. Rich got lots of fun gifts (like new clothes, "18 things for the guy born on the 18th," babysitting coupons, gift certificates for dinners and movies, and camping stuff) and we had fun with our guests (Blatters, Carters, missionaries, Mike Melin, Petersens and Parents). It got late, so we took the girls home to bed and played board games and Yahtzee in to the wee hours--Jill is still the Yahtzee Nazi-- she even beat Mike!

The Petersens left Sunday morning when we left for church--*sigh*! We miss them a lot, but we had a nice quiet, rainy Sunday with a nice long nap and a youth fireside in the evening. We watched Amelie again (Rich's first time watching it) and loved it. Happy weekend. I feel exceedingly grateful for my family--both immediate and extended--and count myself blessed and lucky to be free from the tension and other issues that plague so many families and marriages. All my childhood and youth, I prayed that my home would be a refuge from the world, and so far it has been just that and I thank my lucky stars (and God) for that!

If you didn't get pix of this weekend but want some, just email me.

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