Saturday, September 13, 2003

So Tired

Once again, the wee embryo is sucking the life outta me, just like with Addie. The sickness part started this week, just like it did with Addie. We are 7 weeks along and feeling pretty run-over-by-a-truck. But in a good way. I am not as barfy this time around--just as nauseated, but not actually getting sick, but that may be because of some experience and preventative measures (like getting up at 7am and eating something then going back to sleep until 9am! I sure couldn't do that before, and I can't always do it now, but it does seem to curb the throwing up). It's all much less stressful this time, too. I suppose it helps to know what to expect.

So I don't have many tales to tell aside from the minutiae of daily pregnant living. Adeline has been as sweet and loving as she knows how to be--she has her 2-year-old moments, but she is mostly very sweet to me and tolerant of my laying around and being listless. Rich, too, is pitching in, knowing exactly what to do--I love that he cleans up his dishes and takes the trash out wihtout being asked because he knows the smells can send me running for the porcelain. And I have discovered the miracle of Oust air sanitizer--the outdoor fresh scent makes my house livable, even in the face of a rotting bumper crop of squash and tomates and Ad's diapers.

We had a wonderful trip to SLC to visit with my sister Jill and her family, and my brothers Willy and Matthew and their families. We all stayed at Jill's with 5 kids between us and 4 due in the spring and had a wonderful time together. We were rejoicing because Matt was coming home from his Army Reserves assignment this month and Will was interviewing for a job in Pocatello. Since that weekend, though, we have learned that Matt will be retained (leaving is poor new pregnant wife at home in Utah alone) and Willy didn't get the job and will have to stay is lame ol' Palm Desert, CA. At least we still have new babies to look forward to, and five smart, beautiful kids to raise. I stayed through the whole week with Jill, coming home the 6th, but it wasn't as fun as we had hoped because we were so exhausted. Our daughters had a lot of fun together, though.

Well--that's the update. I am too tired and busy with Addie right now to write more, but I'll try to get around to it more often and not do too much pregnant-whining.

Oh, PS--my Melin sister in law, Kelli, is expecting her 2nd baby the same week as me. Rack up 5 cousins and a sibling for Adeline!

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