Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back in the Saddle

We took a wee vacation to photograph a wedding and enjoy a mini-reunion with my mother, a sister and two of my brothers and their families. The kids were so cute together—all 4 new babies were there—and Addie got to play with her favorite cousin, Liam. Then Saturday while we were all together, my sister Sara (in Michigan) had her second baby, a boy named Brady. The wedding was beautiful, the reunion was fun, and the weather was great. It was a fun end to our summer (the posted photos will show some of our activities, like our visit to the Family Farm at Thanksgiving Point).

Favorite Funny from the trip: we were at a light in Bozeman and there was a VW truck that said “powered by bio-diesel”—and Rich said, “That’s Hippy-rific!”

New words in Addie Language:
“Cassum”=Can I have some?
“Pinair”= Put it in there.

Enough for now--the natives are restless! Good 2B home...

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