Friday, March 25, 2005

Get out of the Boat

First of all, BEAR DOWN ARIZONA! Rich almost had to do CPR on me last night during the last 30 seconds or so--YIKES! But the cats pulled through and now they have to face the Fighting Illini on Saturday. I think we should all start our fasts early and pray for the Wildcats. Um, yeah, and then I was struck by lightning. But seriously, go cats.

Secondly, I have been waiting to post these notes until I could find the article referred to and link to it, but I can’t find it, so I am gonna post anyway.

At stake conference, Elder White came down from Canada to share some insights with us (and to release my Dad-in-law from the stake presidency—it’s nice to have him back!). He talked about how we shouldn’t be upset by our trials, as they are an essential part of the growth experience we are supposed to be having. The more we experience and survive, the more god-like we become. You already knew that, but he had some good quotes form a talk by SW Kimball in 1978 on tribulation (if you can find it, I’ll be your best friend). He also said that we should be undaunted by our trials or our weaknesses. You gotta have faith. He talked about how we tend to see things in the world as the world sees them and we need to remember what TRUTH is—Jacob’s definition: things as they REALLY ARE. Meaning, after this big show is over and we see things through God’s eyes we’ll understand the difference between the worldly vision and things as they really are.

Then the meat of the message—he talked about the bible story where Jesus appears to the disciples on the stormy Sea of Galilee and they get scared then realize it’s him. He calls for them to come to him, but the only one who tries is Peter. People tell that story and mock Peter for thinking he could walk on water like Jesus, but Elder White said we should be more like Peter—he was the only one with the faith to get out of the boat. When Christ called, he answered and stepped out of the boat with faith. And for a minute, His faith was strong enough to allow him to walk. But when he wavered, he sank and Jesus caught him. Of course you can guess how this applies to us. The Lord asks us to do things we don’t think we can do, but we need to have the faith to get out of the boat and know, if we somehow waver, He will always be there to rescue us and turn our weaknesses or fears into strengths if we remain willing.

Get out of the boat. That’s good stuff.

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