Friday, May 20, 2005

Big Head Tori

It's just freaky.

I saw a commercial for an upcoming made for TV movie starring the darling Tori Spelling. Here's what Tori reminds me of:

When I was a little girl my sisters and I had a small collection of Barbies and lots of makeshift furniture and clothes. One Christmas, I got a Candie doll--remember her? She was like Barbie only bigger. Like in real life, she'd be 6'6" and 250 punds next to an average woman. So Candie didn't fit in the clothes or the house or the car. She was just an amazon. But sometimes I would take off her head and put it on a Barbie so she could have some fun, although she looked ridiculous. Well, Tori Spelling looks exactly like the Candie-headed Barbie.

Seriously--how her skinny neck holds up that enormous noggin just boggles my mind! Posted by Hello


LAURA said...

you are insane! I love you

Willis said...

Look et the sieze uf thet mellon, ets like an arenge ohn eh toothpeck!


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