Sunday, August 14, 2005

And The High Temp Was 49 Degrees!

Dad Melin cooked up some burgers and dogs to go with the smoked turkeys and fried chicken. When we thanked him, he said, "Really, I'm just keeping warm!"

Addie showing off her Melin Eyes (Seriously--we saw so many hooded blue eyes) and her name tag that says "Addie Melin--Tom is my Grandpa."

Addie and Heidi tried to get warm at the heater--see Heidi's cold runny nose?

Look at this beautiful Melin family! They are ranchers down the valley and every single one of the 11 kids was home schooled, most were born at home, and they all work on the ranch. They also have a band and hold cowboy worship services--I have read about them in the community calendar. Jim (the dad) is my dad-in-law's first cousin.

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