Monday, October 03, 2005

Addie's First Day of Pre-School

Getting ready to leave for Pre- School; we noticed it was snowing when we got upstairs (but it's too warm on the ground to stick)!
There's our big girl, all ready for school!


cmhl said...

awwwwwwww. so sweet.

so how did it go???

my thing 2 is in pk-4, and LOVES it. she absolutely loves everything about it.

you guys have SNOW?? wow!!! it is about 85 here today.

LAURA said...

so cute!

brent said...

Holy crap. You have such cute kids, Maj. Amanda and I were laughing our heads off at Addie and Heidi in the sink.

Addie in school? Well, pre-school, but still! WTH!? We love you guys so much!

Jill petersen said...

I am sure she loves school as much as Ally does! It's also a nice break for you!


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