Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays...

It's a rainy fall day outside and we are snuggled up playing legos and packing scrapbooking materials for next weekend's "Sisters Retreat" down in SLC. I'll be taking James and my sister Laura down to Utah on Thursday night and hanging out with my sister Jill, SIL Audrey, SIL, Amie, and my mom for the weekend. I am looking forward to it, but I have lots to do around the house (and in the car--clean up and oil change) before we head out.

Blogger's image server seems to be down again, so no photos today, but I have a special addition of Heidi-isms for you. She is suddenly getting creative with pronouns. Por ejemplo:

"I 'Scuse"= Excuse Me
"Me Are" = I Am, as in, "Heidi, you're not going" "Oh, yes me are!"

There were lots of things that happened last week that I wnated to blog, but most of them have slipped past me, darn it! One item of note--our dear governor, Brian Schweitzer, was a guest on The Colbert Report! I think Stephen was kind of intimidating, but the Schweitz did pretty well --even when Stephen made fun of his bolo tie and hardly let him talk about good ol' Montana coal as an alternative to foreign oil.

Also, the grandparents made it home to Arizona safely on Wednesday. They both have colds and will take some time to recover, but they made it! I think it's an awesome feat, to be 81 years old and drive 1300 miles (some of it in snow!!!). Most people even ten years younger don't even have their licenses anymore! I talke to the G'rents last night and they told me another tidbit: my cutie cousin, Bill Elrey, is getting married to Courtney the hairstylist (we met her at Sam's wedding) in Februray 2007. Hey, Bill, February 17th is a lucky wedding day! Pick the 17th! Congrats on the engagement. In other cousins news, Dave & Lacy found out they are expecting a girl in February, which I think is great. I am a fan of first-born girls!

There is trauma and hullaballoo comig from downstairs, so I'll sign off for now. Have a great week...

PS: If you do happen to be hungry for photos of my part of the world, our recent visitors hve posted some...if you look over to my links list on the right, you can click on My Sister Laura or My Beloved Gilmores (scroll down to October 9th) and see photos of my gorgeous town and baby!

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