Friday, March 30, 2007

By The Way...

...I see from my monthly Ikea e-newsletter that that Ikea-Draper is opening May 23rd and you can start lining up on May 21st and campout in line like a hobo. Awesome! Tell me, Utah amigas, are you or anyone you know going to be camping out? Are you at least having an Ikea party over Memorial Day weekend (to celebrate the fact that in about 4 months, the crowds might die down enough for you to have a pleasant shopping experience)? Share.

Also, I would like to include some stories in our next ward newsletter in answer to this question: What is the most meaningful act of kindness/charity you have ever experienced? You can tell about when you were the giver OR the receiver and I will make the responses anonymous in the newsletter. We just wanted to get some unique service ideas floating around and drive home the point that sometimes the smallest simplest things mean the most. So please, do tell ! (leave a comment or send me an email at jamiemelin at msn dot com).

Happy Friday/ Conference Eve, y'all! Break out the french toast and breakfast casserole, the General Authority Bingo games, and your best comfy conference-watching clothes. May we all be edified and rejoice together!


deb holm said...

Hi Jamie! I just wanted to write and tell you the good news - Jessica was elected student body president of her high school for next year!! She is so excited. We know she will do a great job!! The Gray's are here visiting, and we are having a blast with them. Have a great Conference weekend!!
Love, Debbie

Geo said...

I won't be camping out, but I am assembling a wish list. Ahhh, I've been waiting for this!

Happy Conference to you too. It's been great so far.

deb holm said...

I loved president Faust's remarks about forgiveness in this morning's session of conference. I think the MOST meaningful act of kindness/charity we can give to others, and to ourselves, is forgiveness.

Carla said...

Hey Jamie. Morgan is asleep so I have a few minutes to type (with BOTH hands).

First I just want to let you know that your posts about Sabbath thoughts and the lessons that your grandpa taught you really touched me.

Also, it's so unfortunate all the anti stuff coming out lately, like September Dawn and the latest DVD "Are Mormon's Christians?" (It has been on the news being general conference weekend and all--that is why the GA's talked so much about other religions and the Nicene Creed). I loved Holland, Hinckley and Oaks talks!

I don't plan on camping out at Ikea, but I WILL battle the crowds! I am chomping at the bit!!!


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