Monday, March 26, 2007

Heads Up

Good Monday Morning to you all. I was just doing a quick e-mail check and went off on a tangent researching a comment made on last nights post by Mike Gilmore regarding yet another "historical fiction" movie about the church, this time about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. The movie is called September Dawn and the trailer made me sick with it's crazy portrayal of Brigham Young and scenes that look like temple ordinances. Scary. And lame.

Anyway, here are some links you might want to look at to brush up on your MMM history, because it looks like some poo is gonna hit some fans.

From a blog with good links
From a FAIR address

For my non-LDS friends, you know me and you know I am not a crazed fanatic, so when you see things like this, please give us the benefit of the doubt. In our culture, anyone devout is seen as a fanatic, which is just sad. You can be a sports fanatic, you can be a celebrity worshipper, you can be a drug addict--all with less disdain in our culture than being committed to your religion.

(PS: but I just want to go on record as saying that from the trailer, the movie looks false and BY looks demonized, and that's just bad news--and there is a big difference between being a violent zealot and a devout Mormon).

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Laura said...

I watched the clip....I think i'm gonna be sick!


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