Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's the THIRD DAY of GRANDPA...

...and it's his ACTUAL birthday!
Happy 82nd Birthday, Papa Bill!
I had planned on posting a movie of the girls singing Happy Birthday to You, but since your sound isn't working, we'll have to send you a DVD later. At any rate, we hope you have (had) a great day and that you feel all the love from your posterity! (I chose this birthday card because it reminds me of Willie and Ett).
Here's how we celebrated your birthday:
7am: Shower, Dress, Breakfast for all 5 family members
8:30am: Daddy & Addie leave for school & work
9:00-10:15am: Mommy, Heidi, & James head to Heidi's pre school
10:30-11:30am: James gets his 6 month check up and immunizations from Dr. O'Hara; Heidi sneaks about 5 Dum-Dum lollipops in the course fo the visit.
12 noon: Special kick-off-of-Spring-Break linch at Addie's school, where the kids have created "The Big Kids Restaurant." They made french bread pizzas and salad for their families and we all had a yummy lunch (Rich came, too).
1-1:30pm: drive over to Bozeman, make a return at Target
2-3:00pm: Meeting at the HRDC office to get ready for Headstart Preschool's federal audit next month
3-3:4opm: pick up a few things at Walmart and meet up with a girl from who was in need of items for baby boy (I gave her clothes, bottles, blankets and a swing)
3:50: picked up (from another freecycler at MSU) a baby's "fish eye" mirror that allows a driving mom to see a rear-facing baby in his carseat
4:30pm: arrived home, checked message, felt relieved that my friend called and said I did not need to lead the Youth Choir for her tonight at the Easter fireside--she could do it, which meant no getting into Sunday dress, throwing dinner on the table, and running up to the church at 6:30: Instead, I got the girls some juice, a bottle for James, and we all went downstaurs and snuggled on my bed unitl Dad got home because we were TIRED!!!!
And I kept snuggling poor immunized James while Dad and the girls ate dinner and weeded the flower beds (still moist from the snow and rain yesterday). A very beautiful, busy day!
Hope yours was even better! Love, Jamie & Gang


Happy Gilmores said...

What a nice friend you have to take over the choir tonight.

Jamie said...

I know. She is AWESOME! I luuuuuv her!


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