Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Thing One: Last night, we had dinner with the Arakawa family in our ward. The dad, Clay, is from Hawaii and is a chef at the Marlboro Ranch just northeast of town; Megan-the-mom is super-cool, half Navajo, grew up in Provo and met Clay at the Western Culinary Institute. She now works for the PD here and they have two totally cute kids--Breana (Ad's age) and T.J. (Heidi's age). They also have a dog named Heidi, which was funny. Megan is (of course) an awesome cook. She made Kahlua Pork with Cabbage, stir fry veggies, rice, Crab Rangoon for appetizers, and for dessert and chocolate and coconut cream pie. Puh-leez, people--it was like eating at the best Hawaiian place! The food and the company were excellent! We hope to get together lots this summer. PS: Megan (who used to be Megan Mecham) knows the lovely and talented Bush sisters, one of whom is now "My Brilliant Becca" Buchert linked over on the right.

Thing Two: Hey, mom, remember when we went out to the ranch while you were here and we found this weird little corner desk (it was white and gross)? Look what I did with it (well, Rich did the work--I just had the vision). The living room is getting quite cozy these days! Thing Three: The two things I gamble on in March are NCAA basketball (gotta root for my Wildcats & Blue Devils, even when they suck) and American Idol, and both things are kind of freaking me out this year. You probably know that my b-ball teams didn't even make it to the Sweet 16. And now Idol--last year, it seemed like the only really shocking thing was Chris getting voted off (and look who's got the last laugh AND the number one rock album now!). Now every week I am pretty surprised by the results. Who the heck is voting this year? I mean, I love me some Mowgli/Sanjaya as much as the next gal, but he's not that great of a performer. On the other hand, I love Blake and Gina! Totally marketable, and Blake did an awesome version of my favorite 60's song this week (The Time of the Season--such a great song!). I might add that tivo (fast forward) is THE ONLY way to watch Idol.

Thing Four: Happy Spring to one and all! I am so glad the groundhog saw his shadow this year, because I really needed these two weeks of sunshine! I know the snow will probably come back, but this interlude has been a sweet way to usher in the season. I'm just sayin' my tulips better not freeze!

I've got more stuff, but I gotta save it for tomorrow. I'm Tard. It's almost my blog's fourth should we celebrate??

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Laura said...

Howard Stern is telling people to vote for Sanjaya on his radio show. He thinks he has enough pull with the american public to prove he is "God".

I don't listen to Stern, I heard the discussion on my station this morning.

I love your table.


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