Monday, March 26, 2007

Pictures of a Monday

Heidi went on a date with Grandma Rosalie this morning and she came home with these daffodils for me...what a great way to start the week!
Tonight, James sat in hs chair and kept me company while I cooked up the stir fry we had for dinner (the girls also helped me make Crab Rangoon wontons like we had the Arakawas last week)
Look at my cutie pie in his highchair!
Here's the yummy dinner I made for mi familia for Family Night
Rich used a power raker to liven up our lawn and then he cleaned up the garage for FHE.
The girls were outside "helping" dad while I made dinner. Do you LOVE Heidi's dirt-n-snot Hitler mustache? That girl...ugh! Nothin' like a little mudpie appetizer.


brent said...

Jamie! Your kids are growing up so fast. I can't believe how big Addie is and how long her hair is. Soon we'll all be saying "Heil, Heidi!" because she gave us orders. And your James Ole is such a big boy. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I miss you guys.

Geo said...

What a hoot. A superior race, indeed.

Happy Gilmores said...

Hey there are a couple daffodils missing from our yard.....

Misery Loves Company said...

Bubby is so cute!! The girls are just beautiful...even with a snot and dirt mustache..Love you! Nana

Lisa said...

There is such a thing as a "power raker"?

Jamie said...

Brent: Thanks--we miss you, too, and we are looking forward to a Brenty Bobbins weekend soon!

Geo: Be afraid--be very afraid!

Gilmores:Hey, those daffs are from Grandma's, silly! OUr first two just bloomed and promptly got snowed on!

Nana: You rbeautiful Grandchildren miss you (and they come by all that cuteness honestly...the saprkel comes from their nana) (or is it the naughtiness? KIDDING!)

Lisa: Yes, there is a Power Raker, but I later learned (in teh Craftsman catalog) that they are called de-thatchers. Who knew? They pull out all the matted winter mess so the new grass can grow and breathe. Good to know for a NEW HOME OWNER ;)--by the by, what is your new address going to be? I am going to FINALLY send you a wedding/housewarming package!


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