Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And the winners are...

...Brent & Heidi!
(who happen to know each other! how cool!)
Your packages will be mailed on Friday, guys...thanks for the blogaversary wishes!
And everyone else who commented, thanks for the wishes and the stories and stuff! Please keep reading and linking to us, and your postcards are on their way!
(Jill, I'm sending you a consolation prize cuz I vote for Pedro!)
PS: I am so sorry to have missed THIS broadcast today (did any of you hear it?)
I will listen online when I get a sec...


brent said...

Wait. You mean Brent M.? I won? I WON?! WOO HOO!

This is the besterest thing that has happened to me in almost forever. And when I say almost I mean the last day or two.

I love ya, cuz! I'm surprised you used a drawing, though. How democratic of you!

Jamie said...

Brent, I mentioned yesterday that I just couldn't choose one comment as "my favorite" because I loved all the comments and I even got some really sweet emails (whose senders I entered in the drawing, too). So I thought a drawing would be fun (and more diplomatic and fair, too!) So get ready for some fun crap from MY HOUSE! (I need to come see your house sometime-- I feel bad cuz you're nto that far from Jill these days)

Heidi said...

I would first like to thank all the folks at the studio who supported me and promoted me. An I want to thank my mom and dad. And Jamie. A special thanks to Jamie.
okay. oscars are over.
Come and see me too.
i miss you and yours.
ps. hi to brent! And Jill! and the rest of the Jamie fan club.


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