...into a puddle of tears as I mop the floor tonight. I am listening to THIS broadcast on NPR, and it's hands-down the best Memorial Day special program I have ever experienced (which makes me even more annoyed at my fellow conservatives who refuse to listen to NPR--you are really missing out--the program that preceeded this one, All Things Considered, was especially awesome today, too. I learn more from All Things Considered & internet headlines than several hours of cable news).

I think the tears are of gratitude. When they played the Marine Corps Band's "Taps" followed by a bagpipe playing "Amazing Grace" my heart swelled up and I said a prayer something like this: "Heavenly Father, Thank you for saving my brother--his body AND his soul AND his family...Thank you..." And then I wrung out the mop and sat down here at the compter. Happy Memorial Day to everyone, especially our military family & loved ones!


Happy Gilmores said…
I didnt get a chance to listen to NPR today, but I did see the Memorial Day Concert on PBS last night which was awesome and I watched the President lay a wreat at the tomb of the unknown soldier today and heard his speech. We are truly blessed to have men and women willing to defend our freedoms. So many families have sacrificed so much for us.

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