Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh, December.

Well, I have set a new record for blogging lameness. I don't know if I have ever gone more than a month without blogging since I started this blog, comin' up on 10 years ago! Go, me! But when I tell you why, you will empathize.

 So November--sick baby, trip to Utah for Thanksgiving, sick mommy...nary a photo of any of this, but trust me, it was a great Thanksgiving. Before we left I was released from the Primary Presidency and called to be the Ward Music Chair and the Ward Historian, which is kind of awesome, although leaving Primary makes me cry (I've found a way to linger longer by pinch-hitting as chorister while they find a new one, mwahaha).

Anyway, our trip-- Adeline turned 11 our first day in Utah. Nana and Aunt Jill gave a her a fun party. Our family dinner was sweet, and so was the post-TG cousin gathering the next day. But then we came home and I was tired and I got out all the Christmas stuff and we put up the tree for FHE on the 26th. Then Friday night November 30th our whole family went on the Christmas stroll and had soup and s'mores at The Pickle Barrel. It was super fun. The next day we did family pictures and went to Hailey Strupp's baptism and got an offer on our house. On Monday the 3rd we made a counter offer at noon and it was accepted that evening AND THEN MY HEAD EXPLODED. We got the kids to bed and stayed up late looking at real estate on the iPad and had our realtor call to make a verbal offer on a house we have liked for a while--the only house on the market nicer and bigger than ours. She called just as the owners signed the cancellation agreements with their agent and took the house off the market. After almost 2 years. WHAT? I know, you can't make this stuff up. So then we frantically looked at a bunch of houses, raised our budget a tiny bit (cuz hubs is a rock star and his credit score is near perfect and he scored us a rock-bottom interest rate) and got pre-approval and realized that we have to build a new house (here's where I start bleeding out my eyes...ARRRRRRGH!). So yeah...packing at Christmas time.

Oh, and did I mention that Niles has been freakishly ill since the end of September and we finally went to an ENT, got a referral,  and he had ear tubes put in and his adenoids removed so he can breath and hear now? Well, that happened yesterday and he is already so much better. Babies + General Anesthesia= almost too much for me. But he ruled that recovery.
Oh, and did I mention I am the new music chair? And it's Christmas, the most musical time of the year? Yeah, so there's that, plus a ward slideshow where I sorted through 600+ pix, created an awesome soundtrack, and then wrestled Windows8 into submission (Oh, and did I mention our computer died and we got evil Windows 8 and I have had to relearn everything I ever knew? Yep. I told Rich, "The spirit of Tom Hapgood is in this room laughing at us right now for not buying Mac!").

And we all lived happily ever after. (Well, after we drove 1400 miles each way to Christmas in Arizona and packed up our house and lived in a rental for 4-5 months)

So here are some photos:
This one is for Gramma Lyn...look at your snuggly boy!

Niles helped me fluff the tree on Nov. 26th.

We visited Santa on the Christmas Stroll November 30th, but Niles was having none of it.

Only with Daddy.

Addie & Heidi getting soup at Pickle Barrel

My Sunshines.

My big and my little lovies, post-s'mores.

Santa Daddy and James

Me & my girl
December 13th we celebrated St. Lucy's Day and the kids slept at Grandma's house that night so we could get up at 5am and take Niles to the Hospital in Bozeman for his surgery. We had a fun Lucia night with Grandpa & Grandma Melin.
Addie-Lucy serving peparkakor to James our star boy.

Lucia & Her attendant singing Feliz Navidad.
[We are nothing if not multi-cultural around here: Mormons celebrating a Swedish/catholic/Lutheran holiday with Mexican Carols!]

Niles is in awe

Star Boy, Lucy, &" Moon Girl"'s wishing you plenty of bright, warm days as 2013 unfolds...may your days be merry & bright like the light St. Lucy brought.

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Brent said...

Whirlwind! So, you guys are building a new house? Sweet! We are STOKED to see you guys in about a week!


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