Thursday, September 12, 2013

End of Summer Fun

8/13: Izzi, Addie, and Heidi made Tie Dye shirts with sharpies and alcohol. They were cool!

8/15: Cousins floated the Yellowstone

On 8/17, my in-laws hosted a Melin Family Reunion at the ranch.
(And then they moved there!)

Betsy Melin and My FIL, Tom, share a laugh.

Rich's cousins Nolan and Druska

My SIL Kelli , Rich, & Mike at the picnic.

Summer with the fish Heidi caught

Our cute Fly fisher

The Jim Melin Family sang for the crowd.

Heidi and Addie swan in the Yellowstone River.

My BIL Mark with his BFF: Jamie Anderson & Mark Melin

Niles went fishing with Uncle Mike

On 8/19, Addie and Izzi had a back-to-school photo shoot. I found these pictures on my camera and I might get in trouble for posting them, but they are so fun.




On 8/20, we had a little end-of-summer sleepover in Helena with our Post cousins.

We had a barbecue and ate yummy watermelon with silly Emily.

We did pedicures in the back yard...Emily's Sparkly Toes!


We surprised Aunt Laura at work

We went to ExplorationWorks with Aunt Amie and the kids.
Here Aunt Amie is buying apples from Emily.

The boys sent scarves through the vacuum-thingy

James checking out animal eyes.

Heidi & Addie exploring

Niles at the water table

Happy End-of-Summer to the cutest cousins in Montana!
(back: Jacob, Heidi, Addie-front: Emily, Niles, James, and Sam)
[[Why don't I ever get cute pictures hanging out with Matty? I do have a cute little brother who is the father of these cute kids, and he is a very busy police man--love you, Matt!]]

First Soccer Games

Saturday, 9/7 at North Park Soccer Fields
Addie's team warming up for their 8am game.

Tiny Fan

Go, Addie!

Looks like she's trying to talk to the ball!

Great game--they lost by a goal, but my girl played hard.

After lunch, James had his first game.

Dad and Niles cheered him on and finished their sandwiches

Blobs of tiny kicking legs

James making a run for it.

James believes he kicked a goal on his first game. We didn't tell him that it was after the whistle.

Sweet Baby James Turned Seven

A new Schleich Dinosaur and some Mentos

While he was at school, I made him a Hunting cake, complete with chocolate rocks.

The girls decorated the dining room for a somewhat-impromptu
homemade pizza birthday party

William and James eating the yummy pizzas they made.

Heidi, Niles, Addie, and Izzi at the make- your-own-pizza bar.
(This is exactly what I imagined when we designed the kitchen. I love it!)

Kitchen Elf!

Gavin didn't think he would like pizza he made himself. He was wrong!

Gavin & James: CAKE!

Silly Guys

Present time...William, Gavin, Heidi, James, and Ava

Gavin, Heidi & James with a card from Gav.
Big Gift from Mom& Dad---huge nerf gun. Too bad Niles eats the darts.

Grandpa & Grandma Melin took a break from their own crazy moving
to come wish James a happy birthday.

Gavin & James...pretty intimidating with all those weapons.




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