Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trip to the Northern Cheyenne

Rich's Aunt Rosie passed away on October 11th after along illness, and her funeral was in Busby, MT, way over in south east Montana, so we planned a weekend and stayed in Billings before the funeral.
Fisrt Stop: HuHot!

Daddy treated us to s'mores


(there was a bunch of delicious Mongolian Barbecue before the s'mores, too...then I had to take Niles to the car because he was naughty, so we missed the s'mores part)

Next Stop: Our Hotel, Big Horn Resort with The Reef water park.
Niles is so excited!


Daddy with the boys in the wave pool

I hardly got any pictures of Heidi because she was always on a big slide!
It's fun to see them having sister fun.

The boys had fun playing on the beach.

James loves to swim!

Braving the waves with Dad

Niles coming up for air

James had fun on the splash playground, too, but the big bucket scared Niles.
The next morning we got dressed and headed to Busby, which is on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation (Aunt Rosie was Northern Cheyenne). We met up with all of Grandpa Tom Melin's siblings there.
Rich's cousin Aunica and her family
(she is the daughter of Tom's brother Pat and Rosie)

Rich's Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mick Melin

James & Addie hanging out

Our Family at the funeral

Heidi took a lot of pictures...

Here are the kids loading up after the funeral...Niles loves when James lays on his lap.

Sweet brothers
ready for a 4hour drive home.

Rest in Peace, Aunt Rosie

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