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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spring House

I was bragging to Willy about how awesome our yard looked when everything bloomed and realized that I never took a picture of my fab tulips in their full glory (I cut about 20 of them for Mothers Day, adn now they are withering in our unseasonably warm weather--this, after the snow killed the daffodils in April). Anyway, here are some Johnny-come-lately photos of our house as we left on a walk the other night. From across the street in front of my SIL Angie's house (with some neighbor chicas out front)
Little red geraniums coming up on the proch for summer and fall.

Babies Change the World

This is a picture of me with Adeline on November 21, 2001, just after she was born in Utah. I am talking on the phone to my Grandpa in Ari...