Monday, December 01, 2003

Take Time to Make Time

It’s been way too long since I blogged here, I’m surprised I haven’t been unsubscribed or something. I have to blame it all on the first trimester. September and most of October crept by at a snail’s pace and I thought I might be pregnant and sick forever. My first pregnancy went fast until the last trimester; this one seems eternal.

I was also kinda mad because I was hoping all those things that people say about the second pregnancy being easier would be true. Psychologically, yes, it’s easier, knowing what to expect and all. But physically I was just as exhausted and barfy as with Addie even though I didn’t have to get up and go to work at 7 am.

That said, the nausea has pretty much let up since the first week of November, which IS a lot earlier than with Addie. But I cheated—my chiropractor suggested some homeopathy. I usually scoff at such things, but I was desperate after an especially violently-ill weekend. I took a bunch of little lactose pellets with magic herbs inside (they looked and tasted like Nerds candy) and I woke up the next day feeling pretty normal, and I haven’t been morning sick since. One dose. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t done it my self.

So there have been a lot of things I have wanted to say here—stuff like cute things Addie has been saying and doing, annoyances, observations, etc., but I haven’t felt well enough to sit down and think straight until now. I’ll just narrow it down to this:

§ Addie turned two on Nov. 21st. Every time someone told her “Happy Birthday,” she would say, “I blowed out the candles!” The candles were her favorite part of the whole celebration. She got lots of cool things like big girl panties, a big girl bed, and fun DVDs (which will go with her Christmas present—a car DVD player). She totally sleeps in her bed without our having to put her there more than once at bedtime. Isn’t that cool? It’s about time SOMETHING about parenting be easy!

§ We found out the day before Thanksgiving that we will be building a house starting in May in a new Dept. of Agriculture development. Trying to bring real residents out to the boon docks, I guess--there are way more old houses here than new ones. It’s a lot just down the hill from our church and about 8 blocks from the Melin Agency office. Good stuff.

§ I love that Hewlett-Packard is using that Cure song, “Pictures of You” on their digital photography commercials. I haven’t listened to the Cure in ages, and that commercial was so unexpected, it drew me out of the kitchen in a sudden flood of late-adolescent emotion. I suppose I should listen more often so it won’t take me by surprise. It reminds me of when Cacharel used a This Mortal Coil song on their Noa commercial about 3 years ago and it woke me from a couch nap—I was so shocked to hear Liz Fraser singing from the television in the year 2001! Shocking but very effective, I guess.

That's all for now. I'll be back on Wednesday to announce the gender of the fetus--we have an ultrasound at 11am. So far, this is how the baby score is going amongst my pregnant sisters: Will & Audrey: Boy in Feb.; Erin: Girl in March; Matt & Amie: Boy in March; just today Jill found out she's having a boy on or around May 1st; I find out Wednesday and Kelli Melin finds out on the 9th. Rock on with the gestation, sistas.

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