Tuesday, December 02, 2003

All About Adeline

I forgot to mention that Addie had her 2 -year checkup at the doctor yesterday. She is 37 inches tall and 31 pounds and very healthy, polite, and verbose. Dr. O’Hara loves her, and so does the nurse who gave her three shots after which she didn’t make even a peep. That’s my brave, happy girl!

She is saying “thank you “ and “you’re welcome” totally unprompted now, and she says, “I’m sorry” a lot, sometimes when she means, “Bless you.” And I am a fan of the spontaneous hugs and “I wuv eeeeyou”s.

Here is an exchange between my brother and me, trying to figure out what his son, Liam, would like for Christmas. It gives some fun little details about how our little cuties are developing:

Will to Jamie:
Liam’s favorite things are still trains, but he is starting to really like Bob the Builder and Buzz Light-year. We got him a big set of those wooden trains, the Brio/Thomas style, but generic, and a bunch of those mini Tonka cars from Costco. So whatever, I am sure he will love it. He plays with the strangest things, if you got him a funnel, he would be happy as can be. Right now he plays with a plastic bottle and a funnel and calls it “recycle, recycle, so cool, “ from the cyclone experiment on Blue’s Clues. Then he spends the rest of his time playing with Marley our dog.

Love ya, bye. Oh, and by the way, Addie’s room looks so cute, I want to get a little flower rug for Mel like that. Too bad you are stuck with brown splotch barf carpet, We had that exact same carpet in Idaho. What are people thinking when they lay that stuff?

Jamie to Will:
Those flower rugs are at Walmart for $9.99. I think they have them with the bathroom stuff now, but I know they have a purplish one because I was gonna buy it. Target has some too, but they are nicer, softer, and more expensive...around $20.

We saw a fun little kid's tool set and I thought Liam might like it. If he likes Bob, then he'll probably have fun with it. Maybe that's what we'll do. Hmmm.

Will to Jamie:
He’s really into helping Daddy, its so funny, he says “I hellou daddy…I hellou plees”. He was handing me the lug nuts for the Jeep tires the other day while I was rotating the tires. It was really cute how important he felt, just handing me the nuts as I put them on. He also loves to hammer in nails. So he may like a tool set. But don’t go overboard, our kids have more toys in storage than you and I saw over our entire child hood. No kidding, we probably have 10 of those plastic bins just full of toys that we keep put away and alternate with the other 4 or 5 we let them have out.
Love ya bye

Jamie to Will:
That's so cute! Addie does the same thing! If I go in the kitchen, she makes a mad dash to get a chair and says, "Mommy, Addie hepyou." She also says "hepyou" when she means, "help Me"--asking us for help. She says, "I wanna cook" or "Addie do dishes" or "Keen up a mess."

I know what you mean about toys. We hardly ever get her toys because other people get them for her. I like to invest in DVDs and books. Actually, though, my friend whose youngest is in 1st grade just brought over these great Discovery toys that are counting, matching, sorting games and they are really fun to play with her. Usually though, we have to put new toys up in the closet and rotate them. Maybe we'll go with a book or movie or a poster.

Love ya!

It’s fun to be parenting along with all my siblings. I am so glad Addie will grow up with a plethora of cousins to love and support each other the way we did with our Elrey and Mayberry cousins. Yay for extended family!

More tomorrow…

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