Bubble Fun

Last night, Addie wanted to take a bath by herself upstairs, which made Heidi sad, so I invited her to take a soak with me. I got some great Bath & Body Works bubble bath for my birthday (thanks, Mom M!)...look how good it works!

Heidi kept going under the water, then popping up like this...

...look at her bubble-fro!

Strike a Bubble Pose!

(She reminded me of a Dr. Seuss character, or someone in a powdered wig)


Mom said…
The pic of Heidis face looks like one of the "snow Babies". You should put that on your Christmas Card!! Thanks for posting pics, I miss you all so much...Love you Mom
LAURA said…
Holy crap, I am laughing so hard right now! I can't wait to see them again!
Geo said…
Well, it reminds me of Eraserhead (The lady in the radiator). but never ind, I'm still stealing these for my files! Beautiful!!

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