Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some Photos

This is James, asleep in his car seat today (9/28).
This is hilarious Heidi running around in Rich's dress socks on Sunday night. As "spirited" as she is, she sure does make us laugh and keeps us all on our toes!
...This is about 15 seconds after that last photo...she's obviously "pushing Addie's buttons" in this photo (this is a scene we see often at our house: Addie crying, Heidi in the background giggling, "mwahahahaha!"). Thanks to Aunt Marti for an insightful parenting conversation last night...she once had a Heidi in boy form (Steven) who is now a fairly normal, nice, productive almost-adult. She gives me hope! ;)
(PS: too bad they didn't have blogs when Steven was growing up because, man, that woulda been a good read!!!!!)


Debbie Holm said...

When I have my "snuggle date" with the baby, can I just snuggle all three???????

maren said...

i miss the little scott and steve. i look at pictures of 'em and just remember how fun they were. they're still fun but in the boring grown up way ;). i guess we all have to get big. ;)

Jenn said...

Awww, my Sweet Baby James! The girls are doggone cute too though! Hope you had a good bday!

Geo said...

Poor Addie, but it makes me smile anyway. What faces on those girls. And I promise, I've got a present on the way for James soon.

Oh, and happy belated birthday, dear!


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