Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Half Awake

I just fed the boy and decided to post before I go to "real sleep" (until 3:00am-ish). My sister-in-law gave me a lovely baby shower last night at which NO ONE--not a soul--took pictures! Can you believe it?? I have no photos to blog nor to scrapbook! Shucks!

It was a lovely Fall-themed party with nice decorations and yummy food (fruits a veggies with dip, pumpkin bread, punch). We played one "get-to-know-you" game because there were so many "new" people there (church people, neighbors, cousins, etc). There were 18 guests and 4 babies there and the invitation said that it was a "frozen dinner" shower--everyone brought dinners to stock my freezer for nights when I am too tired to cook (I know what you're thinking--we should have had this shower in July when I was feeling REALLY crappy!!) There is a plethora of food in our spare freezer now--homemade casseroles, Costco frozen favorites, homemade breads, cookies, applesauce, freezer jam, crock pot stews and soups, and even a gift card to Pizza Hut! Almost everyone broke the rules and brought a baby gift, too (who can resist buying baby stuff?? Not me!), so James has several darling new outfits in various sizes, as well as onesies, diapers, and wipes and a Creative Memories "It's a Boy" scrapbooking kit. We had a really fun time and I came home with this warm fuzzy sisterly feeling-- like I really love all the women who were there and appreciate all the things they do for me and my family. I am really blessed on all sides, you know?

So tonight we had Lori Prinkki's Chicken & Rice casserole for dinner and it was delicious (a huge hit with the husband, so good thing she gave me the recipe, too). I LOOOOVE food I didn't cook!

Also, midweek update: we totally missed out on Stake Conference this past Sunday, but in retrospect it was a good day of rest for all of us. On Monday for Family Night we took a ride out toward Clyde Park to visit with Sister Cotant and taker her some of our peanut butter Rice Krispy Treats. She got to meet Baby James and we got to sing Articles of Faith songs all the way home. Tuesday was the Baby Shower and tonight was just a chill-out night (after I made a brief appearance at Young Women). Tomorrow we have to miss most of pre-school because of check-ups, but I am hoping to make it up to Addie. She has been practicing her "B's" all week! We are still struggling with telling the difference between lower case b's and d's (she writes her name "abbie" a lot of the time).

I am really sorry about the lack of pictures. But I'll post some of James in the cute sweater he got from Auntie Jen Claar last night. Thanks to Angie for the nice party and to all the girls who came (if you're reading this)--y'all are FABULOUS!


Jenn said... pictures? What were we thinking? Darn...well I guess you will just have to take pics of Sweet Baby J in his new outfits and with all the loot and scrapbook how no one took photos! LOL!
How sweet is that....Auntie Jen! I am touched! Sometimes I think we are soul sisters! Call me if you need anything.

Suzie said...

WHAT were you Not thinkin???? No pictures when i am stuck on the other side of the world and need my livingston people fix??? guess i will just have to survive on lots of baby james pictures(along with other members of the family) glad you had such a good party, angie knows how to give good ones. miss you all


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