"Kim Deal's So Groovy, I Want You To Know..."

Last night we happened upon a re-run of The Pixies on Austin City Limits. We had lots of fun watching and singing along (Debaser...so funny!) and I felt like an Old Person. I was watching one of my favorite bands from 20 years ago on PBS--how could I NOT feel like an Old Person. Rich even said, "I miss good bands like this. Why are there no good bands like this?" I pointed out that there ARE good new bands like this, we are just to busy to discover them. And it's totally true. If I had the time to listen to music and watch videos, I am quite certain I could be mad about Arctic Monkies and the Killers and OK Go. But I don't have time to fall in love with new bands, so I rely on the high of listening to old music and remembering when I DID have time to be obsessive. Ah, yesssss....

Speaking of obsessions, R.E.M. reunited this weekend. Still love 'em, but haven't listened to any new music by them for about 10 years (I'm busy, y'all). But check out THIS performance of "Begin the Begin." It brought tears to my eyes. They are good ol' goats. And while you're at it, check out THIS clip...it's the clip that started my R.E.M. addiction back in the day.

Oops! Time to live in the now...2/3 of the Melin children are crying!

PS: Just one more little YouTube flashback for you...oh, 1991!


Brooks said…
nothing like the pixies or r.e.m. in their prime, nothing.
daddy said…
Slicing up eyeballs.... I want you to know

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