Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On This Date in History...

...21 November 2001, Adeline Rose Melin
was born at Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Utah.
She's our firstborn and has taught me to be a mother, how to truly love, and has given me a reason to try to be better every day. I had hoped (for her sake) that she could have gone to kindergarten this year, but I am so glad she didn't (for my sake). She is a great helper and I love spending time with her during Heidi's naps. She is sensitive and articulate and curious and I feel so lucky to be her mom.
[photos left to right, top to bottom: first bath 11/21/01; 3 months old; First Birthday babydoll with Grandma Melin; Second Birthday Pumpkin Pie; at 3-years-old with Heidi; Fourth Birthday Cowgirl Hat; Addie at almost five]
a favorite old song:
"She lives in this house over there
Has her world outside it
Scrapples in the earth with her fingers
and her mouth
She's five years old ...
Today is her birthday
They're smoking cigars
He's got a chain of flowers..."
-the sugarcubes, 1988


Deb Holm said...

Happy birthday sweet Addie!!!!!

My Family said...

happy birthday Addie.

Jenn said...

HAppy Bday Addie...hope your pj party was fun!

Geo said...

You are growing into such a lovely girl, Addie. Happy 5th birthday.

Auntie Gee

Brooks said...

one of my favorite songs as well.

what a beautiful birthday girl addie is.


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