Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Best part of the Idol finale? My favorite Mormon, Sister Gladys, y'all.

I got goosebumps during "Midnight Train to Georgia" ...I think it may be one of my favorite songs EVER.


Kristen said...

I commented on your blog-anniversary post. I found your blog a few days/a week ago and have read most of it. I love it and think you are a talented writer with an entertaining and relatable tone. I also think your son is the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen and your dughters are adorable, smart and funny.
"Midnight Train to Georgia" is one of my favorites too. My husband is from Georgia. Today is our anniversary actually! Ok- completly off subject... have a great day.

Happy Gilmores said...

you know what, I didn't watch any Idol at all this season. Didn't follow it and really couldn't tell you who I wanted to win. Maybe I'm weaned.


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