My Husband Just Sent Me This Email:

Oh, yeah! What fun! If anybody goes, tell us about it and eat some meatballs with lingonberries for us. We'll be down soon for more of our favorite textiles and kid stuff!
PS: I'm gonna go ahead and go out on a limb and congratulate my SIL Kristen...her favorite American Idol (and neighbor) Jordin Sparks is going to win tonight. Jordin and Gina were my favorite girls, so yay that. I'll be back to apologize if I'm wrong!


Katie said…
Well yummy on the food. I love to eat when I go there- it is surprising that it is so delicious.

I am cracking up over that reporter intern- she is so cute, and needs to work a little bit more on her breathing and delivery : ) (blame that one on the fact that I'm a mass comm major!)

Their instructions ARE frustrating. I purchased a very easy mesh basket and holder thing for the bathroom in the winter. I could NOT figure it out for the life of me- thanks to these very smiley stick figure drawings "demonstrating" how to put it together. NO words! DBF at the time had to do it all for me- quite frustrating!

Anyway, enjoy it!
Jamie said…
KT: I agree about the intern...I thought she was gonna pass out there toward the end! Intersting phrasing! You would DIE if you had to watch the local (Billings) news. It is comparable to the news show broadcast from my HS or the BYU news.
Carla said…
Hey Jamie. I went to the grand opening. I posted about it on my blog (and attached a link with pics and video) -check it out. I didn't mention how my own mother was driving me more nuts than my kids. Seven hours of exercise and, man, am I sore!
Jill petersen said…
I can't believe Carla went to the grand opening. I could barly pass along the freeway the place was so jam packed! I hope it was worth 7 hours! I will definately be going soon and you better believe I'm going to take my time!
They had lingonberries? Get out!
Jamie said…
Oh, yes, CW, the have lingonberries, AND lingon berry juice on tap in SEVERAL PLACES in the store! Yay that.

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