Monday, May 21, 2007

Other May 19ths: Final Installment

May 19, 1985: Sunday, 10pm- I am going out with Ben and it's so great. We've gotten a lot closer over the past week. Since Friday night we have talked on the phone for 11 hours. He's super nice! Gotta go to sleep, more later. Love, Jamie [Oh my heck, the end of 8th grade! When going out meant talking on the phone and holding hands in the hall! Oh, and sitting by each other on the bus to California to sing at Disneyland and Sea World with the Pioneers of Music]

May 20, 1992: ..."Jill and Dana are coming to visit me on 5/23. I still have to work at the elementary school until June 8th, but I am hoping they will still have fun with bus passes and sneaking into the Palace." [Jill was 12 and Dana had just turned 14...Jill: I can't believe you guys stayed that long and I didn't even have TV or anything for you to do!! I forgot you were with me for 2 weeks!]

May 19, 1987: "This weekend something weird happened. I think I have found a new object for my affections. My Aaron is leaving soon, and so as not to be devastated I have been on a half-hearted quest for another sensitive and loving boyfriend. At the last dance that Aaron couldn't attend, I danced with his friend Dan a lot and saw him in a whole new light. He's always been really good to me and I have always liked him, but I have always been with Aaron. Hmmm...

"Today has started out great. The past few days have been the most fun I've had in a long time. Last night I had tech rehearsal for Music Under the Stars. Tim Pollard drove me home and he's really fun to drive with. I went over to Susie's at 8pm. We watched TV and things she recorded for me and goofed around. Her mom went to feed the horse and said she would be right back to take me home, but then her truck broke down. Su's bro, Dave, had to drive me home and I got home at 12:30am on a school night. Mom was just getting home from work, and she just laughed when I told her what happened. Today was great, too. I got my paycheck but hadn't cashed it. Tim needed to borrow some lunch money so I told him if he took me to the bank I'd just buy him some lunch. We ended up having to drive over a mile with two minutes til the lunch bell and Tim shoved a whole Whopper down his throat. He also threw some tomatoes out his window and one slice landed on someone's windshield. We almost died laughing. Tonight was Music Under the Stars, but it was raining so it moved from he amphitheatre to the gym. We all dressed up 1940's. It was so fun and so energetic. Our final was the MoTab version of "Battle Hymn" and my favorite songs were "Chattanooga ChooChoo" and "Somethin's Gotta Give" (I learned it from an Ella Fitzgerald tape). I didn't have to sing formally like I usually do--I got to create a character and bounced around like a little 40's teenager (my Grandma?). This coming weekend I am going to Phoenix to visit Lisa Reed and Brent Gardner and I am flying up there by myself. I can't wait!" [All I can say is WTH? Life at 15-1/2 is pretty hilarious. I can't believe all the stuff I did...nuts. I'm still friends with Susan, and I saw the Dan I mentioned in the first paragraph in 1999 in an elevator at the U of A whenI went to pickup a transcript. He was doing the same thing --for med or dental or some kind of grad school--and had a family and stuff. He asked about Susan and said he'd always meant to date me and was bummed when he came home form his mission and I had gone away to Provo. Ya snooze, ya lose, Danny Boy...]

Here and here and here and here you can see some past blogs from the week of May 19th in 2005 & 2006 (I was too post-partum-ish in 2004 to blog, I think).

I'm checking the mailbox for postcards...

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