Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Heidi and I both REALLY needed to get out of the house yesterday, so even though it was rainign we took a walk. I prepared five little ziploc bags for her, with red, orange, yellow, green and purple paper swatches. I told her it was a treasure hunt and she had to find something to put in each bag that matched the paper. We had SO MUCH fun, especially puddle jumping and eating chicken noodle soup when we got home to warm up (it was 40-degrees! and James came with us in his stroller). Hooray for Spring flowers!
looking down the valley
Heidi the Color Hunter
Puddle Jumper!

The Booty (we lost the purple bag on our walk, but it had a lilac in it!)
Good times!
Now we're going on a treasure hunt at the grocery store! Have a good day at your house!


Misery Loves Company said...

Fun idea...I'll bet you had fun...I love the rain. Everything looks so pretty in the spring/early summer. It is summer here, 85 and a little sticky. Give the kids a kiss from Nana.

Kelli said...

what a great idea. I might have to copy you! We look forward to spending this weekend with our Montana melins

The Postums said...

wow! so inventive Jaim! I love it! Hope you don't mind that I am totally stealing that one for the boys! What a great mommie!

love aim

Anonymous said...

The flowers are lovelyand the idea fo colors and a treasure hunt are awesome. I love you so! Auntie M

Jamie said...

I have to fess up, guys, I kinda took that idea from "my other scriptures"--Family Fun magazine (I love it--I use at least one idea or recipe form every single issue). Last month they had a bunch of "get out and play" ideas, and in one of them, you take an egg crate and paint each little egg slot a different color and have the kids match something from nature with the color in the slot and load it up. It was fun, and I think every family should get that magazine for at least one year--you'd have a library of fun ideas and recipes! And it's only $10! And they shoudl pay me for all the advertising I do and for all the gift subscriptions I have given!

Jill petersen said...

Thats freakin awesome!!! Thats the kind of stuff I did when I only had Ally and Belle!


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