Friday, June 20, 2008

"It's Friday, I'm in Love"

First things first: Happy 6th Birthday, Raef Walker Hamlin! We had so much fun with you and we hope you have a grrrrreat birthday!

Second things second: We made it home! We are all still getting used to being here (Heidi is still overtired and crying about finishing her dinner as I type), but the journey was relatively uneventful, yea, even nigh unto pleasant. This time I drove 800 miles in 12 hours and 37 minutes (turns out it's much easier to travel northeast through Kennewick than southwest), and I had Marshall and Abby to help me pass out snacks & drinks and herd kids at rest stops. I left Vancouver at 9:09am (it was 8:09 in Vancouver) and arrived home at 9:46pm. It was sunny and beautiful and I decided if I ever come into money, I will have a vacation home along the Columbia River Gorge OR on the lake in Couer d'Alene (in addition to my Tucson and Livingston homes, of course)--it was STUNNINGLY beautiful driving along the river and later along the lakeshore (and all the kids were sleeping as I drove from Post Falls to Wallace, ID). Rich had the whole house and yard just perfect, the fridge stocked with our favorite things, and lots of love to pass around to the weary travelers! YAY!

Mom says her hair is falling out--they said 21 days, but it was 13. It won't be long until it's all gone, so send your cute hats now! :) I love adn miss her already, and I envy the peace adn quiet that Jill and the G'rents are enjoying.

I have to run, but I'll have more details later.

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!"



Jenn said...

Glad that your home safe and sound! I missed you!

Geo said...

First of all, I adore that song, and I'm learning it on the guitar! Robert Smith and I were friends in the Pre-existence. I'm so sure of it.

Second, your mom is so pretty that she's going to look terrific even without her hair. When it begins to grow back and she has just a bit, I can picture her looking really adorable and modern. Bless her.

Third, the Gorge. Ohhhhhh!

Fourth, glad your'e safe.

Fifth, oh that Rich. He is a gem, a jewel.

Sixth, I wish I could give you a great big squeeze.

Seventh, LOVE YOU!


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