Monday, June 16, 2008

Vancouver, uhhh...what day is it?

Ah, yes, thirteen. And the Grandparents have arrived. Mom got up and got dressed this afternoon and we had quite the nice day getting ready for los abuelos. We did a bunch of chores and errands and then Jill and I bought dinner and other groceries at Fred Meyer right about the time the Grandparents' plane was landing. We made a yummy dinner of roasted chicken, green salad with poppyseed dressing, fruit salad with huge strawberries, and a yummy baguette. For family night, we watched home movies and ate cranberry-walnut oatmeal cookies.

Sara, we miss you!

It has been a lovely day and it was so nice to see my mom up and around. She is so adorable and we are so thankful she felt better today.

We can feel your love and prayers on her/ our behalf and we thank you so much. Your comments and notes and phone calls mean so much to mom and to us. This could be so lonely and hard (Geo, I think of you did you do it???), but there is definitely an outpouring of love buoying us up. Thank you, awesome family and friends...

This comment and post from Jess sum it up quite well; again, thanks EVERYONE for your comments! (Jess, I love you and I wish you well in your own health're so brave!):

I'm so sorry this hurts so much! I'm crying for all of you. I don't know who has it worse, your mom going through it or her children watching her go through it. Life is a beautiful thing, especially in our extremities. God does not always give us what we want, but he sure gives us the strength to endure. You and your family are amazing. You will get through this and be stronger, more united, more refined. I know this is awful for you right now, but I think its also beautiful in a way. The love, its palpable in what you write. Thanks for sharing it. (((hugs))) We're praying for you.


Kelli said...

I;m glad that today was good. Keep up the good work!

Jenn said...

Glad you guys had a good day.

Geo said...

Aw, James, I think we all get loving legions of angels to help us through the rough stuff. Whether you can count their heads on this side of the veil, or whether you are left to try and imagine them on the other, they are there. We're none of us left alone, ever. That doesn't mean we don't feel lonely at times, even when we're surrounded by countable heads . . . but this life is all about walking by faith. You're already good at that. God bless you all--that's what I'm praying for! I love you! Happiness, hope, and health!

michaeledrews said...

are you okay? I called like three or four times and texted you and you never returned my phone call. Just wan to make sure your still alive. Well talk to you soon, Hopefully


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