Friday, June 13, 2008

This Week (mostly today) In Photos

Here's Abby doing some pre-game fielding on Monday night.
Marshall, Abby, Addie, Brady, Raef, Heidi, and James eating dinner Wednesday night.
James & Nana, at it again.
Kaylee snuggling her Nana Tuesday night.

Today we picked up Aunt Jill and took a detour to Multnomah Falls.
Here's Aunt Jill and Kaylee...

The gang at base of the Falls

Cousins at the Sign
Cousins on a bench by the bridge: Heidi, Addie, Brady, Raef, James, and Kaylee
Cutie Punkins!

James & Kaylee, sweet baby cousins
My Sunny Lynners
Brady & Raef
Sara & Jill getting hosed on the bridge

The Falls from the bridge
Heidi on the bridge
Jill, Me, and James (freshly misted)
Sara, Kaylee, Me, and James

Brady, Raef, and Heidi head for the snack bar
Heidi's all smiles!
So is Raef!
Kaylee is a sweetie-punkin!

Heidi sharing ice cream with Kaylee
Check out Addie's giant popsicle!
Adorable Brady and his treat

James and Aunt Jill work on his popsicle
Sharing is fun!
Maybe three of us can finish it off?...

Kaylee devoured her cone!
A train passed over just as we went in the tunnel to the parking lot--YIKES!
Melin Kids after a fun adventure
Now Jill has taken Abby to her ball game (Heidi and Kaylee went, too), Mark is stuck in traffic, Nana is home from the doctor's (her tumor has shrunk and her blood is fairly healthy--YAY THAT), and the cousins are playing in the sprinklers. Sara has worked her tail off today, folding about 7 loads of wash and cleaning up the downstairs--HOORAY for helping hands! (I just took a nap with Heidi, then started blogging--LAY-ZEEEE!). Have a great weekend, all y'all. More updates to come!


Julie said...

Hi Jamie,
Glad Jill got there safe! Don't you just love Multnomah Falls? Glad your Mom is doing well. Please tell her Hi and I am thinking about her and your family.

shoeaddict said...

Heidi is so gorgeous! So are all of those precious kids.

I'm so glad that Jill got there safely. It's great to have each other, right? I am so sorry that your mom was in pain. I will continue to pray as usual.


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