Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baptism Weekend: The Baptism & Party

At 4:45 or so, we all headed into the chapel to prepare for The Big Event--Addie's baptism. But first, Uncle Mike took some shots of Addie, Dad, and me... Rich & Addie
Proud parents of a sweet girl

Daddy & Addie
There were two really super sweet moments between dinner and the baptism. First, I looked all over the church for Addie, Ally and Abby, and I finally found them in the girls' restroom locker. Ally and Abby had helped Addie find the best fitting bapstimal clothes in the cupboard. That was so cute of them to just sneak off and do that by themselves.
Secondly, I was busily trying to get my kids to sit down and be reverent when I turned around and noticed the whole chapel was full. FULL. I kid you not! Just turning and seeing SO MANY faces of people I love and who, most importantly, love my daughter, who have and will support and sustain her throughout her life...well, the sight just filled my heart to overflowing. (If you were there last night as part of our blood family or part of our ward family, please know how much your presence meant to me and to Addie; we are so blessed by your love).
Brother Dave Bowden, our ward mission leader, conducted our baptismal service. His daughter Chelsie led the music and Sister Westenskow played the piano. The opening song was "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and Grandma Melin said the opening prayer. Then Uncle Drew talked to us about baptism and following Christ's example in our daily lives. All the cousins sang "I Am A Child of God" and we all went out to the font where Addie was baptized.
Jill, Laura, Mom, and I got Addie ready to return to the chapel after she was baptized by her daddy.
The senior Primary Girls sang, "I Will Follow God's Plan for Me" after we returned to the chapel, then Uncle Matt talked about the Holy Ghost for a few minutes.
[Jenny, Cayden, Michaela, Cassidy, Hailey, Kelli, Gracie, Ally, Addie, Isabelle, and Abby]

Then Addie was confirmed by her Daddy, with Grandpa Melin, Papa Jim, Papa Mark, Uncle Drew, Uncle Matt, Uncle Davey, and Bishop Tyner. Sister Kim Strupp welcomed her to the senior Primary and Bishop George Tyner welcomed her to the ward, then we closed the meeting by singing "The Family is of God."
After the service, we went back to they gym and had dessert with our friends who came to the baptism. In addition to members of our ward family, Addie's first grade teacher came, Mike and Page Gilmore came all the way from Powell, Wyoming, and the Bates family came from Bozeman (with the great news that they will be moving back to Livingston, only 4 blocks up the hill from us!). Addie opened gifts and we danced and chatted and enjoyed ourselves for about an hour. Then the kids kept dancing and/or playing basketball and we started the big job of cleaning up after ourselves. Luckily, we were home in our jammies by 8pm!
Isabelle and Jill
(Jill, you looked so pretty this weekend! Love your haircut!)
Gabriel & Laura
Aunt Amie [aka Sherry Bobbins] entertains all the kids

Aunt Angie made these beautiful cupcakes for Addie...
Isn't she so talented?

Jill & Mark
Amie & Sam
Belle with her pumpkin roll and cupcake.
Amie & Matt
My "bio" Parents--Jim Layton & Lyndi Drews
Addie opening gifts--this one is a scrapbook from Aunt Jenn Claar.

My Mighty Heidi is next up for baptism (in 28 months)
...she's so fun! Addie looks pretty excited about this necklace from Aunt Debbie Holm!
Uncle Marshall looks handsome!
More gifts from generous friends...
Sweet Cousin Ally
Addie loved her new scarf from uncle Mike and Christina
(check out Christina's Etsy Shop)
Heidi dancing "like a T-Rex" to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.
(That's Sarah Bates busting a move in the background)

Addie, Ally, Belle, and Azalea dancing
Aunt Abby joined in the fun, "making a joyful noise!"
Beautiful cake tree!

Crowd dwindling in the gym...Rich & his mom are there on the left, with Mark Westenskow, Mick Carter and their wives in the background, and Jill and Drew. My dear friends Amy and Jenn are in the foreground, with Amie and Matt, and my Dad Layton's back.
Once the lights were back on and all the cookies and pies were gone, Uncle Matt broke out the basketball. It was fun to see my dad and stepdad shoot some hoops.

Basketball in white shirts, like missionaries (Papa Mark and Papa Jim).
It was a GIFT to me to see my parents having a good time together.

Back at home, we watched some DVR'ed Glee (oh-how-I-love-that-show!) episodes, and this is what the girls were doing while they were "getting ready for bed"...they are so dang funny! I am so glad they have each other because there is nothing better than cousin pals!!!


Jenn said...

It was an awesome evening and I am so glad that I was a part of Addie's special day!

Summer said...

I'm so sad they we couldn't make it! It looks like it was a grand old time. Congratulations to Addy for making a GOOD CHOICE!

mackyton said...

Wow!! Sweet couple and sweet daughter. Well I love attending baptism parties with my kids, and now I am thinking to throw a party for my kids and their friends. Will plan party at Los Angeles event venues and my all friends gonna help me a lot to make party interesting.


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