Saturday, February 20, 2010

Four Good Things...

...that make today AWESOME:
#1: We got our first letter from ELDER JEFF ELREY (Mexico Veracruz) in the MTC! He's alive and kickin'!

#2: Uncle Jess (Rich's Bro) is visiting for the weekend (under the guise of Wind Energy Exploration) from Florida.

#3: I AM GETTING A NEW NIECE/nephew (NIECE, NIECE, NIECE!!!!!) in OCTOBER-ish!!!! (Have her on my birthday!!!! Or Sam's!!!!) I'll let the parents be the first to reveal themselves, though.

#4: Stake Conference tonight and tomorrow with our stake president who is, hands down, the greatest teacher since Neal A. Maxwell (except maybe David Bednar). I AM SOOOO READY TO FEAST!

I'll return & report tomorrow, y'all...have a fun Saturday Night!

(PS: I hope my cute little nephews, Owen Layton and Sam Post are having super-fun birthday parties today! We suer love you super-boys!)


Aimless said...

ahem...that would be me. can't see it, but I'm doin a victory dance in my kitchen right now. Baby and I are dancin!!!

Shoeaddict said...

Yay for October babies!! My sweet girl was born in October of '09.


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